Label indicates exposure to excessive temperatures.

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Accurate to within ±2% of rated temperature, self-adhesive Tempilabelº measures temperature during storage, shipping, and manufacturing of heat-sensitive medical or pharmaceutical materials. Indicator irreversibly changes from light gray to black if temperature rating is reached. Product comes in single-temperature ratings from 100 to 500°F in ½ in. square size with 3/16 in. indicating window as well as 5/16 in. dia bulls-eye style with 1/8 in. window.

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Tempilabel° Temperature Monitors Alert Excessive Temperature Exposure of Pharmaceutical/Medical Products

Tempil, an Illinois Tool Works Company, has introduced a temperature monitor which provides highly accurate temperature measurement for heat sensitive materials during storage, shipping and manufacturing. Tempilabelº temperature monitors are self-adhesive, easy to read and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their accuracy is guaranteed to be within ± 2% of its rated temperature. They become a permanent record to provide important documentation information.

Pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers frequently employ the Series 21, 120°F Tempilabel to determine if products have been exposed to temperatures above 120°F. The heat-sensitive indicator changes color, from light gray to black, if its temperature rating is reached. The color change is absolutely irreversible, and a warning message on the label notifies the user that the product must not be used if the color change has occurred.

Tempilabel° is inexpensive and user-friendly. They serve as an excellent protective measure for the pharmaceutical/medical device industries reassuring users of safe temperature levels, and alerting to the problem of excessive temperature exposure should this occur during shipping or storage of heat-sensitive products, drugs and biologicals.

The labels are available in a range of single-temperature ratings from 100° F to 500° F (38° to 260° C), in label size of ½" square (3/16" indicating window) as well as a 5/16" diameter bulls-eye style with 1/8" window. Labels offering several graduated temperature ratings are also available, as are custom labels specially designed to suit the customer's needs.

For more information about Tempilabelº, contact Tempil, an Illinois Tool Works Company, at 2901 Hamilton Blvd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080; telephone (800) 757-8301; Fax (908) 757-9273: email: or visit

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