L.H. Dottie Launches New Dottie Energy Core(TM) Alkaline Battery and Merchandising Program

Commerce, CA - L.H. Dottie Company, in keeping its promise to bring cutting edge technology to market, introduces the new Dottie Energy Core(TM) battery to its product line. Best of all, these new batteries are supported by the new DEC(TM) Alkaline Battery Merchandising Program.

The Dottie Energy Core(TM) battery brings Long Life-Core Lock Technology(TM) to the industry and is produced on the newest battery production line in the world. They are designed to reduce common alkaline battery leakage that could cause damage to high performance devices. Every opportunity to incorporate the most innovative battery designs for quality and performance have been embraced - the result, proven by exhaustive independent laboratory testing, is the best battery on the market today. Manufactured with 0% Lead, 0% Mercury, and 0% Cadmium, Dottie Energy Core(TM) Batteries are truly world class.

The DEC(TM) Battery Counter Top Merchandiser is designed to make selling a breeze, offering quality batteries, a limited foot print and a maximized piece count. The handsome display will enhance impulse sales and the high quality will bring customers back for more. Dottie also makes refilling and reordering easy with the Easy Order Pre-Packed Refills as part of Dottie's Total Fulfillment System. Dottie partners with their distributors to help manage inventory. Dottie Energy Core(TM) Batteries bring Quality Products, Highly Effective Merchandizing and Packaging, and Easy Stock Management to the industry.

About L.H. Dottie:

L.H. Dottie is a manufacturer of quality products for the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Security and Industrial trades for over 46 years. Today, Dottie continues to provide a broad array of guaranteed quality products, making it the ultimate one-stop source for the distributor. For more information please visit our website lhdottie.com

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