L&J Engineering Announces Improvements to MCG 1350 Ground Level Display

Hillside, IL - L&J Engineering is pleased to announce notable improvements to the MCG 1350 Ground Level Display, including an enhanced graphical LCD display and a smaller housing.

The key function of the MCG 1350 Ground Level Display is to provide detailed tank information such as level and temperature from a single convenient location. However, the MCG 1350 does more than just display valuable information- it also allows for wireless programming and calibration via the MCG 2150 Handheld Infrared Calibrator. This feature is perfect for situations where climbing the tank and accessing the unit itself (such as a 1600SFI Radar Gauge) is inconvenient or dangerous, and because it is done through an infrared remote there is no need to compromise the explosion-proof housing to make on-site adjustments to level gauging equipment.

The backlit graphical LCD display is larger than ever before and much easier to read. The MCG 1350's newly increased ease of use easily translates into time and cost savings for your facility. With a smaller housing, the MCG 1350 is much more discrete and out of the way.

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