KVM Switches toggle 2 USB touchscreen monitors between 2 PCs.

Press Release Summary:

While USB-802-V2-TS2 switches 2 USB touchscreen monitors between 2 PCs, USB 802-KMV2-TS2 additionally switches USB keyboard and USB mouse. Active PC is selected by NEXT button on front panel, and keyboard can be used with hot-key sequence to select active PC with model USB 802-KMV2-TS2. Available with front panel buttons that can be used to select PC, these USB-802 MegaTouch™ series switches use TruReflekt™ USB device enumeration technology for support of all USB touchscreens.

Original Press Release:

Vetra Systems Announces Dual USB Touch Screen KVM Switches

Hauppauge, NY — Vetra Systems Corporation has introduced two dual USB Touch Screen KVM switches, the models USB-802-V2-TS2 and USB-802-KMV2-TS2. These unique, US patented, products switch dual USB Touch Screens and their monitors between two PC’s.

The USB-802-V2-TS2 model switches two USB Touch Screen monitors between two PC’s, while the USB 802-KMV2-TS2 model switches a USB keyboard and USB mouse in addition to the two USB Touch Screen monitors.

On both models USB-802-V2-TS2 and USB 802-KMV2-TS2, the active PC is selected by a NEXT button on the front panel. On model USB 802-KMV2-TS2 the keyboard can be used with a hot-key sequence to select the active PC.

Both models USB-802-V2-TS2 and USB 802-KMV2-TS2 are available with front panel buttons that can be used to select the PC.

The USB-802 "MegaTouch"™ family of dual USB Touch Screen KVM switches uses Vetra's US patented, unique TruReflekt™ USB device enumeration technology. This means that all USB touch screens can be used with Vetra’s dual USB touch screen KVM switches. All USB touch screen controller characteristics and features are transmitted to the PC. It also means that a variety of Human Interface Devices (HIDs) can be used with the KVM switches, in addition to keyboards and mice.

Vetra can modify these products on custom order basis to suit special applications.

These dual USB touch screen KVM switches extend Vetra’s existing family of USB touch screen KVM switches and splitters-multiplexers by offering support for dual USB touch screens.

Vetra’s USB touch screen switches are widely used in intelligent factory automation, interconnected industrial control, laboratories, audio/video studios, point-of-sale, and instrumentation applications.

Additional details about the USB-802-KMV2-TS2 dual USB touch screen KVM switch can be found at http://www.vetra.com/802uin4v2ts2.html, and for the USB-802-V2-TS2 dual USB touch screen switch at http://www.vetra.com/802uv2ts2.html.

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Vetra Systems Corporation has been designing and manufacturing an extensive line of innovative, high technology keyboard, video monitor, mouse and touch screen switching, signal adaptation and processing products for over 30 years. These products form a core of components for intelligent, interconnected systems, and are widely used with PC’s, MAC’s and Workstations in commercial, industrial, multi-media, educational and business environments, as well as in PC on-line gaming.


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