Kurt MiniLock(TM) Provides Small Part Precision Clamping Solution - Ideal For Machining Multiple Parts In One Setup

Minneapolis, Minnesota: The Kurt MiniLock(TM) is a small, screw down clamp that operates
much like a precision vise. Designed to hold small parts for machining, the MiniLock provides a low cost, easy-to-use option for rigidly clamping components on machine tables, pallets and trunion fixtures.

Operation of the MiniLock is similar to the original Kurt Anglock® vise design. When a
quarter turn is applied to the MiniLock screw, the split clamp jaw of the MiniLock is forced both laterally and down, precisely clamping the part while preventing the part from lifting.

The Kurt MiniLock is very versatile. It can be used in single holding, double holding or multiples of both single and double holding applications. By using stationary blocks or pins, two parts can be clamped using a single MiniLock. Its low profile allows for machining complete top surfaces of parts without having to re-clamp the part. Also, steps can be machined into the MiniLock jaw for machining operations that require parts to be raised above the pallet or the machine table.

MiniLocks are ideal for use in dedicated fixture setups and for palletizing small parts to be loaded into receivers on machine tables. Through the use of a variety of locating blocks, workstops and MiniLocks, several similar components or a part family can be located and clamped on a single pallet.

"The MiniLock is another innovative clamping option from Kurt that fills a need where
small parts need to be machined in large quantities," reports Steve Kane, global sales and marketing manager for Kurt Industrial Products. "Without the size, weight or cost, MiniLocks operate like full-fledged vises. They work well on most machining centers. They are ideal for hard fixturing using multiple pallets so while one pallet of parts is being machined, the operator can unload/load a second pallet."

Manufactured to Kurt's high precision standards, the MiniLock clamping jaw is machined
of Ampco 18 aluminum bronze. The actuating screw is made of alloy steel. Available in four inch and four metric hex sizes: 0.688 inch (17.476 mm), 0.875 inch (22.250 mm), 0.938 inch (23.826 mm) and 1.125 inch (28.575 mm). Hex thickness range from 0.188 inch (4.776 mm) to 0.375 inch (9.525 mm). One package contains six MiniLocks.

For more information on the Kurt MiniLock, call in USA and Canada, 1-877-226-7823.
Outside USA and Canada, call 1-763-574-8309, or download the brochure from the Kurt
website: www.kurtworkholding.com.

Or write to Kurt Manufacturing Company, Industrial Products Division, 9445 East River
Road NW, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55433. In USA, Fax 1-877-226-7828. Outside USA, Fax 1-
763-574-8313. Email: workholding@kurt.com

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