KUKA Robotics Introduces Low Cost Palletizing Solution at Pack Expo

Low Cost Robotic System Combines KUKA Robot & PalletTech Software for Easy to Implement Palletizing Solution

Clinton Township, Michigan - October 3, 2007 - KUKA Robotics Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of industrial robots, today announced it will introduce its new low cost robotics palletizing system at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, NV October 15-17, 2007 booth S-5767. The new robotic system combines a KUKA robot, with a set of conveyors, a simple end of arm tooling, pallet stand and the KUKA PalletTech software to give customers an easy to implement and maintain palletizing solution.

"Typically low cost conventional palletizers tend to be inflexible with regard to pallet patterns and have several hundred moving parts," said Stuart Shepherd, president of KUKA Robotics Corporation. "Our robotic low cost solution can provide a higher rate of palletizing, increased pallet pattern options with fewer moving parts which in turn will cost the customer less to implement, operate and maintain." Shepherd added, "By introducing simple and reliable automation solutions KUKA can help manufactures remain competitive in a growingly complex market."

The new palletizing solution utilizes a KUKA KR 40 PA or KUKA KR 100 PA robot, conveyor and KUKA PalletTech software to offer customers an easy to use, maintain and implement palletizing system. The KUKA KR 40 robot is a 4 axis robot with a payload capacity of 40 kg and a reach up to 2091 mm. The KUKA KR 100 PA robot is 4 axis robot with a payload capacity of 100 kg and a reach up to 3200 mm. Both robots utilize state of the art carbon fiber composite materials making them extremely light without sacrificing stiffness. The KUKA.PalletTech intelligent palletizing software is a suite of application development and run time tools that reduces engineering and development time and enables the out-of-box implementation of complicated robotic palletizing applications. KUKA's new low cost palletizing system's price range is $55,000- $80,000. The company will showcase the new robotic palletizing system on its booth (S-5767) at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, NV October 15-17. For more information on the event visit the Pack Expo website at http://pei2006.packexpo.com/attendee/visitor.html

KUKA Robotics Corporation, with its parent company KUKA Roboter GmbH, Augsburg, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots, with an annual production volume approaching 8,000 units, and an installed base of over 75,000 units. The company's 4, 5 and 6 axis robots range from 5kg to 1000kg payloads, and 635mm to 3700mm reach, all controlled from a common PC based controller platform. KUKA robots are utilized in a diverse range of industries including the appliance, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry and plastics industries and in multiple applications including material handling, machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, bending, joining, and surface finishing. For more information contact KUKA Robotics at 866-873-5852 or visit their website at www.kukarobotics.com.

KUKA Roboter GmbH, based in Augsburg, Germany, is a member of the KUKA Aktiengesellschaft Group and ranks among the world's leading manufacturers of industrial robots. Core competencies are the development, production and sale of industrial robots, controllers, software and linear units. KUKA employs about 1,850 people worldwide. Of these, 1,200 are employed in Germany, either at the KUKA Robot Group headquarters in Augsburg, or at various subsidiaries. In 2006, sales totaled 375 million Euro. Over 20 subsidiaries provide a presence in the rest of Europe, the US and Asia.

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