KSB's Standard Alloys Offers Full Aftermarket Engineering Solutions Worldwide

KSB, the world's most experienced supplier of pumps and pump parts, announced it offers aftermarket engineering and part manufacturing services for both KSB and non-KSB pumps through its subsidiary, Standard Alloys as a full-service manufacturer, Standard Alloys offers quick turnaround of end-to-end engineering and manufacturing solutions for pump applications.

Certified to ISO 9001 by DNV since 1997, Standard Alloys provides complete hydraulic engineering, reverse engineering, design upgrades, casting, machining, repairs and manufacturing solutions for organizations using any manufacturer's pumps in petrochemical, water, wastewater, energy and industrial applications.

Complete solutions, not just a band-aid

In any industrial plant, maintenance staff and reliability engineers have set maintenance cycles, during which their time to repair is very short. When they are working with equipment that may be operating off design or is nearing end of life, they need more than a "band-aid" replacement part. They need a solution that ensures their plant stays operational and extends the life of their existing equipment.

Standard Alloys is their full-service solution provider.

Managing Director Richard Martinez explains, "We're a one-stop-shop. If you need a part, a repair, a complete assembly - we can provide a solution that fits your need."

Standard Alloys' engineers can upgrade and redesign parts - not just reverse engineer them. The full manufacturing capability coupled with the engineering expertise is what separates Standard Alloys from companies that just replicate parts.

"We're not just giving customers a part quickly," Martinez says. "We offer full value added engineering that allows us to create real solutions to our customers' problems. Whatever is required, we'll put the engineering behind it to give them a part that will keep their plants operating optimally."

What is the root cause of my pump failure?

For best-in-class companies, the point of replacing a part isn't just to get the pump working again; it's to reduce downtime by eliminating repeat failures. Standard Alloys offers a full range of services:

· Hydraulic engineering

· Metallurgical upgrades with more than 300 available alloys

· Reverse engineering

· Part and pump manufacturing

· Pump repair

· Part repair

Thus, the company's highly skilled engineers can reproduce a part and also redesign the pump hydraulics so that the best efficiency point standard will match. Additionally, they can upgrade an alloy to extend the life of the pump which will optimize performance and reduce the operating cost.

Time is of the essence

Because Standard Alloys has a foundry and onsite pattern shop, it can provide a quick turnaround time to its customers. Almost all manufacturing processes are completed in-house. Because Standard Alloys limits the outsourcing of most processes, the company can better manage very tight delivery schedules while maintaining high quality standards.

People make it happen

Standard Alloys boasts a stable, long-term skilled employee base that enables it to provide high-quality, end-to-end manufacturing processes and creative solutions for its customers. These highly skilled individuals have honed their specialized knowledge through extensive experience.

Martinez says, "From the sales staff working directly at the customer's site, to the engineers who are designing the parts, to the customer service reps who are preparing the quotes, to the guys who are in the foundry molding the sand and melting the metal, to the machinist machining the parts, to the final inspection department - it all has to flow together."

"These people are the best in the business. It's because of them that we can provide high-quality solutions quickly for customers who need to keep their critical operations up and running."

About Standard Alloys

Standard Alloys, a KSB company, has been a manufacturer of quality cast and machined parts for over 85 years. For almost 15 years our Quality System has been certified to ISO 9001. While our foundry and machine shop can make almost any part needed in industry today, we focus our engineering and manufacturing on all types of rotating equipment like pumps and compressors.

About KSB in USA

KSB Inc. began operations in the U.S. and Canadian markets in 1974 and has specialized in highly engineered pump products for industrial and utility power plant services, environmental applications, and water and wastewater processing. KSB's 140 years of experience in centrifugal pump development and design ensure that KSB pumps incorporate quality features that provide efficient performance and the highest level of safety. KSB Inc. is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified. See www.ksbusa.com for more information.

Press Contact

Name: Sherry Heinly

Company: KSB, Inc.

North America Region Marketing Manager

Address: 4415 Sarellen Road

Henrico VA, 23231

Phone: (804) 222-1818

Fax: (804) 226-6961

URL: www.ksbusa.com

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