KP’s Three Models under the New LTE Line are Optimized to Allow for Frequency Reuse

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KP Performance Antennas introduced three 2-GHz sector antennas: KP-2DP120S-45, a 14 dBi sector with 120° azimuth beamwidth, the KPPA-2GHZDP60S-17-45, a 15.1 dBi sector with a 60° azimuth beamwidth, and the KPPA-2GHZDP90S-45, a 17 dBi sector with 90° azimuth beamwidth. Operating frequency range is between 2.3 GHz and 2.7 GHz and VSWR output varies from 1.3:1 to 2.1. Characteristic features include heavy-duty weatherized sector brackets, jumper cables, compact shells, and radio brackets.

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KP Performance Antennas Unveils New High Performance 2 GHz Sector Antennas for LTE Networks

New 2 GHz Sector Antennas from KP Performance Deliver High Gain in Compact Packages

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CA - KP Performance Antennas, a manufacturer of WISP antennas, announced today that it has released a new line of high-performance, 2 GHz sector antennas for use in WISP networks.

KP’s new line of LTE (Long Term Evolution) 2 GHz sector antennas consists of three new models: KP-2DP120S-45, a 14 dBi sector with 120° azimuth beamwidth, the KPPA-2GHZDP60S-17-45, a 15.1 dBi sector with a 60° azimuth beamwidth, and the KPPA-2GHZDP90S-45 which provides 17 dBi of gain with a 90° azimuth beamwidth.

These 2 GHz sector antennas utilize a ±45-degree slant dual polarization scheme and are specially designed with optimized front to back and side lobes that allow for frequency reuse. These antennas feature heavy-duty weatherized sector brackets, select models also include jumper cables and radio brackets. These LTE sector antennas also deliver high-gain in a compact shell for ease of deployment. All models in this line operate in the popular 2.3 GHz to 2.7 GHz frequency range and deliver VSWR from 1.3:1 to 2.1.

“Our new 2 GHz sectors are engineered to provide vastly improved coverage and spectral efficiency in LTE deployments through their high-gain, fixed electrical downtilt and optimized patterns with sharp roll-off past their 3 dB beamwidths and superior front-to-back,” explains Justin Pollock, Ph.D., Antenna Engineer at KP Performance Antennas.

These new LTE 2 GHz sector antennas are in-stock and can be ordered directly from the KP Performance Antennas website at

For inquiries, please call 1-855-276-5772.

For more information about this release, please contact:

Peter McNeil

KP Performance Antennas

17792 Fitch
Irvine, CA
978-682-6936 x1174

About KP Performance Antennas:

With decades of in-the-field expertise as former WISP operators and Ph.D. antenna engineers, KP Performance Antennas helps wireless internet service providers maximize ROI with products engineered to exceed industry expectations by delivering superior throughput, greater service coverage, dependable performance and reduced maintenance costs, while also providing responsive service, expert technical support and same-day shipping. KP Performance Antennas is an Infinite Electronics company.

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