Kozio's kDiagnostics(TM) Ships on Four New AMCC PowerPC Reference Platforms

Product designers can have a complete validation package for custom 440SPe, 440EPx, 440GRx and 440GX boards in just two weeks

Longmont, Colo., October 30, 2006 - Kozio, Inc., the leading provider of automated validation software ideally suited for board bring-up, manufacturing test and power-on self test, today announced support for Applied Micro Circuit Corporation's new PowerPC® 440SPe Katmai, 440EPx Sequoia, 440GRx Rainier and 440GX Taishan Evaluation Kits. Kozio's kDiagnostics software will ship on these four new AMCC evaluation platforms, and support from Kozio is available immediately for custom designs using any of these processors.

"Our customers are able to accelerate their system development time by using Kozio's software and we are delighted to provide evaluation versions as part of our evaluation kits ," notes Charlie Ashton, director of software at AMCC. "Kozio software saves us, and our customers, time and effort."

"Working with AMCC has proven truly valuable for both parties, as we provide support for evaluation platforms, and deliver proven validation software for the earliest adopters of this latest line of PowerPC technology," stated Joseph Skazinski, president of Kozio. "This year we are shipping on ten PowerPC processor reference platforms and support a dozen more for easy evaluation of our software."

Kozio's turnkey validation package is pre-installed on the Katmai, Sequoia, Rainier and Taishan evaluation platforms. This evaluation version of kDiagnostics allows product developers to explore various benefits of Kozio's software, including proven test suites for IC components, buses and peripherals.

Kozio's automated validation software includes proven test suites for the 440EPx, 440GX, 440SPe, and 440GRx cores, expansion buses, memories and all peripherals, with full access to all special-purpose PowerPC registers. Kozio's standard package includes test suites for DDR SDRAM, Flash, EEPROM and DMA, with full programming capabilities during testing and production serialization. Kozio's software also includes full testing of UART, Ethernet (10/100), Gigabit Ethernet, PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express and connected devices, 12C and connected devices, USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports, temperature sensors, GPIO and connected devices, the Xilinx ACE compact flash controller, as well as other IC devices.

Validation suites for all four boards are provided for evaluation, and complete validation packages can be prepared for custom designs based on any of these four processors in just two weeks, arriving before the first custom boards return from assembly. In addition, Kozio can provide fully automated test suites for manufacturing or production test and power-on-self-test, delivering the same test functions used for board bring-up.

This continues the expansion of Kozio's long-running partnership with AMCC. This release of kDiagnostics validation software not only supports the newest processors in the AMCC Power PC family, but also includes updates to the automated USB packages, Chelsio TOE and LSI Logic SAS devices.

"AMCC has done a remarkable job of expanding their processor evaluation platforms and entire ecosystem," notes Skazinski. "We are pleased to be shipping evaluation software with all these new platforms."

Benefits of Using Kozio Products
Kozio provides proven hardware validation software based on the schematics of product designers. In this manner, Kozio is able to deliver a complete package for custom hardware without tying up customer resources. This model has proven successful with large and small companies alike, who have used Kozio software during all phases of a product's lifecycle to same time and money.

About Kozio, Inc.
Kozio, Inc. is the leader in providing automated validation software for today's computing devices. Kozio delivers turnkey software that provides a comprehensive suite of hardware diagnostics used for debugging and testing custom boards implementing processors from AMCC, ARM, IBM, Intel, Freescale, TI or MIPS. Kozio's clients build state-of-the-art products where successful use of the newest technologies with shortened development cycles requires them to constantly innovate to stay ahead of their competition. Kozio software improves test methodologies and streamlines the development process with proven solutions for board bring-up diagnostics, manufacturing test, environmental test, power-on self-test, in-field diagnostics and returns testing. By delivering proven validation software ahead of the hardware, Kozio reduces project schedule risk and development costs while increasing test coverage. Headquartered in Longmont, Colorado, Kozio products are available through a direct sales force and worldwide distributors. For more information, please visit www.kozio.com.

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