Konica Minolta Sensing Launches New CM-3600A/3610A Bench Top Spectrophotometer in Mexico

RAMSEY, N.J. - Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA), the worldwide leader in the industrial measurement of color, light and 3D shape, announces the launch of its newest bench top spectrophotometers, the CM-3600A & CM-3610A, to Mexico and the Latin American market.

The CM-3600A Spectrophotometer is a versatile instrument that can handle a wide variety of applications for measuring reflectance and transmittance of solids. With optional accessories, it can also measure the transmittance of liquids. Yet it remains surprisingly compact, with a footprint approximately the same as a laptop computer so it won't clutter up your desk. Its sample holder opens a full 90 degrees for easy positioning of samples and is equipped with a "soft-close" mechanism that prevents it from slamming shut or damaging samples. The cover of the sample viewer is equipped with a mirror, enabling the sample position to be checked without moving from your seat.

CM-3610A provides a different kind of versatility in vertical-format bottom-port spectrophotometer. Its piston-type sample holder makes sample positioning simple. It can be locked in the down position to enable the removal of any obstructions when first inserting samples. It can then be released so that its piston moves smoothly upward to firmly hold samples in position. The bottom-port design enables easier handling of sheet materials such as paper, and it can also be used to measure powders or gels in a Petri-Dish. As with the CM-3600, it is also equipped with a sample viewer to see exactly what area is being measured, and it can also measure transmittance of solids (but not liquids) as well as reflectance.

Both units are the successors of the acclaimed CM-3600d & CM-3610d models which revolutionized the bench top market with an unprecedented cost performance ratio back in 1998 when first introduced. The new models retain all the innovative and unsurpassed technology their predecessors did while offering several technological enhancements to improve working efficiency. "Where ever color measurement is critical to a manufacturer's success, the CM-3600 series of instruments have played an important role over the past decade. We are very pleased to announce two new 3600 series models that will bring further value and functionality to our Mexican and Pan Latin American customers," said Arturo Munoz, Latin American Sales Manager at Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Main Features:

Full data compatibility with their predecessor As the successors to the popular Spectrophotometer CM-3600d and CM-3610d, it is essential that the CM-3600A and CM-3610A have full data compatibility with the preceding models, so that they can be installed with confidence as replacement or additional sensors in Quality Control and Color matching systems. To ensure full data compatibility, the new CM-3600A and CM-3610A utilize the same advanced technology as the original instruments.

Simultaneous SCI/SCEmeasurement

By firing two xenon lamps in quick succession, the patented Numerical Gloss Control system of the CM-3600A and CM-3610A eliminates the need for a mechanical gloss trap while providing virtually simultaneous SCI and SCE measurements and enabling the calculation of 8 degrees gloss.

Fast, accurate UV adjustment

Accurate measurement of materials such as paper or cloth treated with fluorescent whitening agents requires precise control of the UV component and its effects. The Numerical UV Control method used by the CM-3600A and CM-3610A provides such control by combining results from flashes of two xenon lamps (one with full UV energy, the other with UV energy removed by a 400nm or 420nm UV cutoff filter) using proprietary calculations. This method eliminates the need for mechanical filter positioning, and enables UV adjustment by Whiteness Index, Tint, Brightness or UV profile.

Brighter, clearer sample viewer

Both models have a sample viewer that is equipped with a high-brightness LED to provide a bright, clear image of the measurement sample at the measurement aperture, enabling precise positioning of samples for measurement. Based on fixed optics the sample viewer requires no maintenance yielding unsurpassed stability and longevity.

USB communication

Data communication is performed via USB, which offers higher speed than the RS-232C of their predecessors.

Visit Konica's new Spanish website sensing.konicaminolta.com.mx for more details and to request a demo.

About Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA) is recognized as the international leader of industrial color, light and 3D shape measurement. The company is responsible for product lines that continuously revolutionize how visual perception is measured by the world. Thousands of companies across the globe choose to depend on Konica Minolta Sensing equipment when color, light or 3D measurement is vital to the manufacturing process. Konica Minolta Sensing's products can be found in a wide array of industries including food, plastics, paints, coatings, automotive, aerospace and cosmetics. Further product information can be found at sensing.konicaminolta.com.mx

When it comes to color, light and shape measurement - the world looks to Konica Minolta.

Lou Carulli

Manager, International Marketing Communications Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.




SOURCE Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Web Site: sensing.konicaminolta.com.mx

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