Knuth Offers Universal Grinding Machines

Lincolnshire, IL - KNUTH Machine Tools USA, a leading manufacturer of machine
tool equipment, offers the Knuth Multi-Grind for tool and die construction, mechanical
production, design processes, laboratories and training. This effective and efficient
grinding machine combines all functions of cylindrical, surface and tool grinding into one piece of equipment.

The Knuth Multi-Grind machine design makes it easy to grind tools including sharpening
cutters and reamers as well as turning tools. Developed with a three-point bearing system to ensure minimum temperature effect and consistent grinding quality, the Multi-Grind is well suited for heavy to light duty grinding jobs. Equipped with an easy-to-operate, three-speed, grinding headstock which allows for simultaneous set-up of two different grinding wheels, this machine can be moved in transverse direction as well as vertically. It can also be rotated around the vertical axis making it highly flexibility for handling continuous and precise grinding cycles.

Featuring hydraulic table feed drives with automatic change of direction, the Knuth
Multi-Grind offers manually operated longitudinal feeds with hydraulic support to handle fast speeds up to 275 inches per minute. With a maximum grinding diameter of 8 inches and a maximum work piece length of 20 inches, the Multi-Grind is able to handle internal spindle speeds of 13,500 revolutions per minute and external spindle speeds of 2,500 revolutions per minute. Built of solid cast-iron and weighing over 2,800 pounds, the superior Multi-Grind is able to thoroughly minimize and absorb vibration.

Additional features include an automatic central lubrication system, accessible electrical cabinet, vacuum and coolant systems, three-jaw chuck and operating manual.

KNUTH Machine Tools USA, Inc. is the North American headquarters of Knuth
Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH of Germany, one of the world's leading manufacturers of
machine tools. Knuth is world renowned for producing high quality machines at
competitive prices. From its facility in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Knuth USA serves the entire North American marketplace.

For further information, contact:
Knuth Machine Tools USA, Inc.,
590 Bond St.,
Lincolnshire, IL, 60069.
Tel.: 847-415-3333/866-665-6884,
fax: 847-415-2402. Or

visit Knuth USA online at: and request a FREE 318 page color catalog.

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