Klein Tools Expands Its Line of Scissors, Snips and Shears

LINCOLNSHIRE, ILL - April 2008 - Klein Tools recently introduced its new line of scissors, shears, snips and trimmers including stainless-steel electrician's scissors (Cat. Nos. 2100-8, 2100-9), industrial high-leverage shears (Cat. Nos. 22000-22003), industrial utility snips (Cat. Nos. 24000, 24001, 24005), and bent trimmers (Cat. Nos. 23008, 23010, 23011, 23015). These new cutting tools allow for precision, durability and comfort.

The addition of Klein's new stainless-steel electrician's scissors expands its existing line of scissors that includes standard electrician's scissors (Cat. No. 2100-5) and electrician's scissors with stripping notches (Cat. No. 2100-7). The stainless-steel blades of the electrician's scissors maintain blade durability and sharpness. Serrated teeth allow for non-slip cutting action, and a free-fall snip feature makes for easy use. For comfort and cutting leverage, electrician's scissors (Cat. No. 2100-8) have an extended handle for wire cutting applications including cutting electrical communication 19 AWG and 23 AWG wire. All versions of electrician's scissors are designed for heavy-duty use in telecom and electrical applications.

Featuring nickel-chrome plating, the industrial high-leverage shears resist corrosion and rusting. Broad, short jaws of both the broad blade utility shear (Cat. No. 22001) and the large broad blade utility shear (Cat. No. 22002) provide powerful cutting action. These two models each have a serrated blade for non-slip cutting action. An extended handle provides comfort and cutting leverage for the large broad blade utility shear and the 8-inch high-leverage utility shear (Cat. No. 22003). When cutting light metals, rubber and heavy fabrics, the powerful cutting action of the high-leverage snip (Cat. No. 22000) and the 8-inch high-leverage utility shear comes in handy. The broad blade utility shear cuts light wire, fabric, cable and cordage, while the large broad blade utility shear cuts rubber, cables, light metal, wire metal screens, cordage, plastics and ropes.

Industrial utility snips are also nickel-chrome plated to resist corrosion and rusting. These snips and shears have one serrated blade for non-slip cutting action. Industrial utility snips are spring-loaded for self-opening action. The high-leverage Kevlar® snip (Cat. No. 24000) and the spring-action snip (Cat. No. 24001) are designed with a handy closure lock for convenient storage. A very adaptable tool, the spring-action snip is compatible for right and left-handed users. Both the high-leverage Kevlar snip and the spring-action snip are excellent for cutting Kevlar insulation in fiber optic applications. The 5-inch electronic filament scissors are perfect for the cutting of electronics and filaments.

Featuring extended handles, the bent trimmers provide comfort and cutting leverage for a variety of materials. Cutting plastic, rubber, rubber roofing, roofing materials, cording, vinyl, fiberglass components, and cloth materials is possible with the 8-inch bent trimmer (Cat. No. 23008). The 10-inch bent trimmer (Cat. No. 23010) cuts plastic, rubber, rubber roofing, roofing materials, cording, vinyl, fiberglass insulation and cloth materials. One can cut felt lining, muslin, cord, rubber, abrasive materials, and multiple layers of fabric with the 11-1/4-inch bent trimmer (Cat. No. 23011). The single-serrated blunt blade shear (Cat. No. 23015) has a serrated blade for non-slip cutting action and cuts belting, abrasive belting, heavy fabric, leather, upholstery and heavy carpet.

"Klein's new expanded line of scissors, shears, snips, and bent trimmers provides a comprehensive and versatile selection of heavy-duty, precise, and comfortable cutting tools," said Judy Levine, product manager, Klein Tools.

In 1857, Klein Tools' founder and blacksmith Mathias Klein forged the first-known U.S.-made pliers in Chicago. Since then, Klein Tools has grown to be the leading manufacturer of a variety of hand tools and occupational protective equipment.

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