Kirk Key Teams up with URC to Minimize Arc Flash Risk

Kirk Key Interlock Company and Utility Relay Company (URC) have developed a new product use recommendation to increase safety during power substation maintenance. By combining Kirk's new Power Panel Switch (PPS) and door interlocks with URC's Quick-Trip(TM) system, arc flash hazards can be reliably reduced when feeder breakers are racked in or out for maintenance. Kirk's interlocks prevent access to feeder compartments until URC's Quick-Trip system is enabled.

Kirk's PPS switch interlock and door interlocks are available in Standard Duty (SD), Medium Duty (MD) and Heavy Duty (HD) configurations. When integrated with the Quick-Trip, the PPS replaces a standard padlock, which does not provide isolation or ensure that the operator has properly activated the Quick-Trip.

Turning the Kirk PPS key activates the arc hazard system and releases the key. The released key is then used in the next sequence of safe operations, in this case, releasing the keys needed to unlock the feeder compartment doors, fitted with Kirk interlocks. Until the feeder compartments are locked and the keys returned, the first key, which is needed to turn off the Quick-Trip system, will not be released. The system ensures that feeder compartments are never accessed unless the Quick-Trips system is engaged.

URC's Quick-Trip has been designed to shorten the trip time of an upstream breaker during maintenance. The system provides a safe, fast and reliable means of reducing arc flash incident energy (cal/cm2) levels and the heat energy from an arc blast, during maintenance period. With faster tripping times in event of a fault and the resulting lower incident energy levels, personnel can operate at a lower Risk Hazard Category with lower Personal Protective Equipment requirements according to NFPA 70E.

Together, the Kirk Key interlocking products and URC Quick-Trip system form a robust arc flash mitigation system offering a high level of personnel protection.

To learn more about protecting electrical workers from arc flash, visit or call 888-289-2864 and ask about upgrading the Quick-Trip with the Kirk interlock option. To learn more about integrating Kirk interlocks with the Quick-Trip, visit, email, or call 330.833.8223. A representative from Kirk Key Interlock Company is available for onsite technical support for new Kirk Key interlock systems or evaluation of existing key interlock systems.

About URC:

Utility Relay Company is a leading manufacturer of microcontroller based, true RMS solid state trip units for AC and DC power circuit breakers. URC trip units retrofit conversion kits replace aging electro-mechanical series overload trip devices, thermal magnetic overcurrent releases, and older style electronic trip devices. The company's products provide greater accuracy, reliability, functionality and life extension of older circuit breakers at a fraction of the cost of a new circuit breaker, without changing out the switchgear.

About Kirk:

Based in Massillon, Ohio, Kirk Key produces mechanical interlocks, electro-mechanical interlocks, solenoid key release units, time delay key release units, and transfer panels. Kirk manufactures more than 55,000 safety systems each year for use in a wide range of industries to guarantee a sequential pattern is followed when access is needed to hazardous equipment or areas. KIRK key interlock systems are designed and configured to each user's requirements and revolve around a key or keys that an operator must use at each step in the sequence.

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