Kincaid Plastics/Chapman Tool and Manufacturing Announces the Implementation of the EnterpriseIQ Project Manager Software

Kincaid Plastics, a leading custom manufacturer of molding and tooling products, has simplified the complex tasks and challenges associated with manufacturing and tooling with the purchase of a real-time manufacturing ERP Software.

Having the latest in ERP Software will allow Kincaid Plastics to monitor, track, trace and transmit manufacturing and business data throughout the supply chain. The addition of the Automatic Machine Monitoring Module will allow the monitoring of each individual press. As a result Kincaid Plastics will have a detailed report from all stages of each project.

Inventory and equipment control, labor accounting and cost analyses will assure more accurate costing and scheduling of projects. Project archives will allow comparison for continued improvement in production.

The IQMS system will create better efficiency in customer service as well as within the operations of the system. Kincaid's clients in the Medical, Aviation, Industrial Electronics and Defense Industries often require detailed information about molding projects in a timely fashion. Before implementing IQMS, the customer service staff was required to make multiple trips around the plant to find the answers to most questions, while either leaving the customer on an extended hold or requiring them to wait for a return call. With IQMS, customer service personnel will be able to answer questions about their parts more quickly, because all the information is available in the system and organized for efficient retrieval.

For more information please contact Kincaid Plastics at 352-754-9979 or visit the website at

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