KiloLambda Develops Two Unique All Passive Optical Filters Enabling Continuous Surveillance and Camera Operation

Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF) Prevents Eye Injuries and Damage to Sensors; Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF) Improves Camera Imaging in Sunlit Surroundings
KiloLambda's WPF is a unique solution, which provides a single filter against any laser wavelength

KiloLambda Technologies Ltd., an industry leader in passive optical power control, develops two unique optical filters enabling continuous surveillance and camera operation. The company's Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF) prevents eye injuries and damage to sensors and imaging systems; the Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF) improves camera imaging in sunlit surroundings.

Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF)

KiloLambda's WPF provides total protection against lasers, while maintaining high optical quality and operational continuity, significantly reducing the cost and time required for repairs and replacements. It is a fully passive, solid state, highly compact component, conforming to MIL standards and specifications. The solution utilizes proprietary nano-technology to block all light rays above a threshold intensity, making it independent of the physical properties of the light, which allows it to successfully block rays of any wavelength from the visible to the near IR, at any impingement angle. The WPF protects equally against continuous wave (CW), Q switched (pulsed), and mode-locked laser rays. The solution is designed to be used in a wide range of optical systems and environmental conditions. It is integrated into day and night vision components and remains effective in extreme weather conditions of heat, cold and humidity. Existing equipment can be easily upgraded to use the WPF, or it can be integrated at the production stage.

Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF)

KiloLambda's DSF is a passive anti-blooming component, allowing pictures to be taken toward the sun and improving camera imaging in sunlit surroundings. The DSF increases a camera's dynamic range by approximately 30dB. As a purely optical and completely passive component, it is independent of software, microchips or other electronics. In the area of security and monitoring, the DSF prevents CCTV camera imaging capabilities from being compromised through intense sun, spotlights and deliberate dazzling. The solution also uses proprietary nano-technology and nonlinear nano-structures to limit the passage of intense light and reduce the amount of light - but only in the precise regions, in which the amount of light is high and can negatively affect the image. This prevents the strong sunlight from saturating the sensor and causing overexposure. The DSF retains high optical quality and works with color or monochrome video and still cameras.


KiloLambda is an industry leader in passive optical power control. Established in 2001, the company developed a unique optical layer to limit the passage of light by intensity, based on its proprietary, patented nano-technology. This nano-structure layer is being used in industrial, defense, and commercial optical systems. KiloLambda is an international company with offices in the USA and Israel and has distribution partners worldwide.

KiloLambda's Wideband Laser Protection Filter (WPF) and Dynamic Sunlight Filter (DSF) technologies are patented and patent pending.

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