KHS Unveils New Pouching Machine at Pack Expo International for the Global Flexible Packaging Market

Innopouch K series pouching machine exceeds market requirements for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and homInnopouch home
care sectors.

(Sarasota, FL)- With the new Innopouch K pouch machine, KHS is responding to a trend which is currently spreading through the
worldwide market: the trend toward Fin-seal pouches and Doypack stand-up pouches. The food, non-food, and beverage sectors are
using these pouches at an escalating rate. There are many reasons in favor of this, above all the high level of acceptance of fin-seal
pouches and stand-up pouches by the consumer. When attractively printed with advertising appeal, fin-seal pouches and stand-up
pouches successfully reflect the added value of the product inside to the consumer. The stand-up pouch is an increasingly popular
choice in the market over conventional packaging such as cans, bottles, or cartons.

The new KHS Innopouch K pouch machine combines the functions of manufacturing the pouches and filling them with product. The
machine can process pouches from roll stock or by using pre-made pouches. The machine processes fin-seal pouches and stand-up
pouches ranging from 50 mm long and 50 mm wide up to 350 mm long and 380 mm wide. The maximum machine output is up to
110 pouches/minute in single mode and up to 220 pouches/minute in duplex mode.

Because the machine works horizontally, the fin seals of the pouches satisfy the most demanding sealing requirements. This results
in optimum packaging safety even in the case of extremely sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals. In addition, the extreme leakproof
properties of the fin seals enable the pouches to be filled with liquid.

A particular advantage of the new KHS Innopouch K generation of machines exists within its modular design. This modular design
enables the configuration of individual machines to exactly match the products to be processed and can be easily changed or upgraded
to accommodate future requirements. The Innopouch K is able to produce fin-seal pouches and stand-up pouches from all
common heat-sealable film materials. The filled product determines the type of film packaging.

Another important aspect of the new machine is that after the pouch forming process, the pouch is transferred into a linear double
gripper system. This double gripper system holds each pouch securely throughout the filling and sealing process for added product
safety and machine efficiency. The machine also features a unique, recipe-driven automatic pouch width change feature. Press a
button on the HMI and the linear double gripper system will automatically change from one pouch width to another.

An additional advantage is that the machine can be configured to include several filling stations. The filling stations can be arranged
in series and configured to match the exact requirements of each application. Several popular filling systems can be added using
volumetric, vibratory and gravimetric types.

The new pouching machine includes a clean, hygienic design. The design includes no flat surfaces underneath the pouches and
elimination of corners or recesses where product can collect. The machine can be easily cleaned with high pressure and machinery
sanitation products.

Overall the new KHS Innopouch K pouch machine has been developed to meet and exceed market requirements. Maximum flexibility
is complemented by high precision, quick changeover and a clean design. This is the new ultra-configurable machine from KHS.

For technical / sales inquiries contact:
Rick Manning
Product Manager
5501 N. Washington Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34243
Tel: 941-359-4090

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Samantha Bishop
Marketing Manager
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