Keypad Ignition System secures machinery from theft.

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Designed for outdoor conditions encountered by construction equipment, forklifts, cranes, and personel carriers, 215 generation START-SMART replaces ignition key with sealed and potted keypad and electronics. Users input code or flash RFID card, and USB- or manually programmed device illuminates green if accepted. Also available, anti-theft version uses wireless relay hidden in ignition, starter, or fuel pump circuit to prevent would-be thieves from hot wiring machine.

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New 215 Generation START- SMART

KEYTROLLER, LLC. introduces a new 215 generation START- SMART keypad ignition system designed for the tough outdoor conditions found in construction equipment, forklifts, cranes and personel carriers. NO keys means---NO unauthorized--- NO untrained operators and NO other contractors "borrowing" your equipment! START- SMART replaces the ignition key with a sealed and potted keypad and electronics. The device is available with code or RFID card enabling. Operation is simple, just input your code or flash RFID card and the device illuminates green if accepted ----press START button to start engine and press STOP to stop. The START- SMART system is also available in an anti-theft version which includes a wireless relay hidden in the ignition, starter or fuel pump circuit. When a driver enters his code, it enables the wireless relay and the circuit it is hidden in; he then presses START to start the engine. Without first enabling the hidden wireless relay, a thief can NOT "hot wire" the vehicle, he will give up and move on to easier prey. START- SMART is available in manually programmed version or with USB connection for programming users in/out from your PC data base. The USB version can set expiration dates for recurrent training or rental yards. It will also store all start/stop time/date stamped events to evaluate usage trends by machine or driver. Programming and downloading can be done from a laptop or a Bluetooth wireless radio option. Small profile 3.5" X 3" rugged metal enclosure fits easily to any machine's dashboard and has NO exposed cables. Dual relay module connects to your ignition switch for easy installation. It can be easily retrofitted to any internal combustion or electric vehicle. START- SMART is priced at $400--$500 and is available from the better equipment dealers nationwide and Canada. For more information view website: or contact KEYTROLLER, LLC. 813-877-4500 or email:

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