Key is environmentally-friendly choice for water districts.

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Rechargeable CyberKey for CyberLock Electronic Lock System allows wastewater facilities to use key that has lithium-ion polymer battery with battery-life of 3-4 yr. Battery fully charges in 15 min to 2 hr and provides 500 openings or 1-2 weeks of performance between charges. Red and green LEDs give feedback on access events and key status. Keys can be color-coded to indicate special user groups.

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Videx Announces the New Rechargeable CyberKey

CORVALLIS, OREGON, May 2, 2008-Videx, Inc. ( announces the new Rechargeable CyberKey that brings additional flexibility to the CyberLock Electronic Lock System by giving water districts two choices of keys. The Rechargeable CyberKey is an excellent choice for waste-water facilities that desire a small, environmentally-friendly key. The "original" CyberKey is ideal for those that want the convenience of a key without the need for recharging. The programmability of both keys is the same so they can be used interchangeably with the CyberLock system.

The Rechargeable CyberKey is housed in a durable metal case and comparable in size to a standard electronic car key. The need to regularly replace and discard batteries is eliminated because its lithium-ion polymer battery is rechargeable and has a battery-life of 3-4 years. The battery fully charges in 15 minutes to 2 hours and provides 500 openings or one to two weeks of performance between charges. Highly visible red and green LED's provide feedback to the user on access events and key status. Keys can even be color-coded to indicate special user groups.

For water district personnel that prefer the convenience of replacing batteries on-the-fly, the original CyberKey uses a 3-volt lithium battery that is easy to source and replace in the field. The battery life is 2000 to 5000 openings, depending on the battery and settings. This key's rugged fiberglass-reinforced case and replaceable brass tip make it a tough performer in all environments. With a green LED and an audio-beeper, the key provides important feedback to the user.

The new Rechargeable CyberKey joins an impressive line-up of products offered as part of the CyberLock Electronic Lock System. With the CyberLock system, each user's electronic key can be set to open selected locks on specific days of the week, and only during certain times on those days. Both the keys and the CyberLocks record openings and denied entries, providing detailed audit reporting for management. CyberLocks are electronic cylinders that replace mechanical cylinders to convert existing lock hardware on doors, cabinets, and containers to electronic access control systems without wiring of any kind.

For more information about CyberLock products, please contact Videx by phone at (541) 758-0521, by fax at (541) 752-5285, by email at, or visit our web site at:

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