Kemco Systems Receives Patent for Water Recycling Process

Kemco KLEENWATER™ System

Clearwater, Florida (July 26, 2022)- Kemco Systems, a long-time innovator of water and wastewater treatment within the laundry industry, recently announced the award of patent for their KLEENWATER™ system. The patented process employs the combination of Kemco’s ceramic membrane filtration system and specialized reverse osmosis technology which conserves water and thermal energy. Kemco is the only company in the industry with the ability to combine these treatment systems while maintaining thermal energy.

The KLEENWATER™ system presents a cost-effective means of combating rising water, sewer and energy costs by removing emulsified, suspended and dissolved contaminants including PFAS and microplastics from wastewater without utilizing high volumes of chemicals. The well-established process has demonstrated consistent reuse of 75-85 percent of a plant’s water and thermal energy in the same process, all while reducing their consumption of wash aisle chemistry.

Kemco CEO, Tom Vanden Heuvel, shares, “This patent is recognition of Kemco’s pioneering approach to recycling wastewater and recovering thermal energy within the laundry market.”

This patented approach not only delivers solid returns but also enables plant operators to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship. The process reuses water and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by lowering the plant’s heating load.

The core of the KLEENWATER™ system is the combination of Kemco’s ceramic membrane filtration and reverse osmosis technology:

  • Kemco’s ceramic membrane process is based on high-velocity crossflow filtration with wastewater being filtered through ceramic ultrafiltration elements. The result is a filtrate free of oils, greases, suspended solids, viruses, bacteria and microplastics.
  • The high-temperature reverse osmosis process uses specially designed and purpose-built membranes to remove remaining dissolved constituents, color and PFAS from the filtrate. This innovative approach allows laundry facilities to return the highest quality water to their wash aisle, reducing chemical usage and ultimately delivering softer goods and whiter whites.

Kemco has built its business on helping clients drastically reduce their operating costs while improving their environmental footprint. The award of this water recycling process patent is the validation of Kemco’s commitment to transforming how the industry protects its vital water resources while achieving system ROI and achieving sustainability goals.

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