Kalamazoo Industries Model K26E 26" Enclosed Semi-Automatic

The Kalamazoo Industries model K26E 26" semi-automatic abrasive saw is totally enclosed with a 6-inch outlet to effectively contain the dust and abrasive particulate matter produced during cutting.

The K26E saw features a massive 26-inch wheel, an air-over-oil 0-12 FPM power downfeed, a 20 HP, 3 PH motor with an 1800 RPM spindle speed, cog belt drive, 1-inch wheel arbor with 7-inch flanges, cam vise. Capacities are up to 7-inch pipe, 5-inch solids and 8-inch shapes. Options include larger 30,40 and 50 HP motors, wet/coolant system, vacuum dust collector, oscillation and door interlocks.

Scott Allen


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