K2 Energy Solutions Expands Their Competitive Cell Portfolio

HENDERSON, Nev., Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- K2 Energy has expanded their cell offering portfolio due to aggressive growth. Even as their Power and Energy cells have exceeded expectations, K2 has continued to experiment, expand, and study new improvements. As such, they are now introducing a 3.8 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate cylindrical cell.

"This cell is one more option we are pleased to be able to offer our customers," said Jim Hodge, K2 Energy's Chief Technical Officer. "We are excited by the results we are seeing with this cell, and are intrigued by what new energy storage opportunities this will open for our customers and for K2 Energy."

The new 3.8 Ah cell will be joining the K2 cell portfolio alongside K2 Energy's recently added Prismatic cell. "As K2 Energy is growing to meet the global demand, our cell portfolio must expand to match," Hodge said. "We will continue to examine, test, and evaluate all options, from prismatic to alternate chemistries and beyond to keep K2 Energy on the cutting edge of energy storage."

K2 Energy was founded in the growing technology hub of Henderson, Nevada in 2006, and is a leading developer and producer of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, which are used in many advanced medical, industrial, and military applications as well as powering a variety of electric vehicles. K2 Energy produces both energy-optimized and power-optimized products, which have a multitude of consumer, product, safety, and environmental benefits compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

K2 Energy Solutions is a leading developer and producer of Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, batteries, and systems used in advanced medical, industrial, and military applications. K2's world-class team of scientists and engineers has extensive experience in all aspects of energy storage design, systems integration, manufacturing, support testing and quality control. K2's knowledge base encompasses the cell, pack, and system level all while optimizing battery solutions to achieve customer goals.

Megan Smith

K2 Energy Solutions


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