July 2011 - Cire Technologies Supplies New Dryers, Tripling Press Line Speed

This project, installed in Massachusetts, encompasses the design, fabrication and start-up of four new direct impingement dryers for the upgrade of an existing press line. The process prints water-based inks on various substrates. The upgrade has increased the line capability three-fold.

The dryers have exceeded the 750 fpm printing speed specified for the project, reaching speeds of over 1,000 fpm. The system includes an innovative design utilizing a single burner system to supply heat to all four press dryers, while still maintaining independent temperature control for each dryer. The one burner system reduced the project capital cost by approximately 12% by eliminating three burner systems. Added benefits include both reduced system maintenance and footprint.

Precise control over temperature and impingement velocity is achieved by the state-of-the-art dryer design. The temperature is controlled within one degree of set-point, and impingement velocity can be adjusted with variable speed drives on the recirculating fans.

Automatic controls over the exhaust and burner recirculating fans adjust air flows to correspond to the number of presses operating. After starting the burner system and setting the dryer temperatures, there is no other operator interaction required. The system is simple to operate with an added benefit that it reduces waste with the precise repeatability of the operating parameters.

Cire Technologies, Inc. has extensive experience in improving and upgrading existing dryer systems. Give us a call to see how we can help improve your dryer capabilities.


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