JTEK Announces Trochoid Pump Repair


JTEK Machinery is a USA service center for Nippon Oil Pump Trochoid Pumps. Since 1999 JTEK has worked closely with NOP in Japan for distribution of Nippon Oil Pump, but after many customers requests, JTEK is tooled up for the rebuild of the oil and coolant pumps made by Nippon Oil Pump. With the ruggedness and long history of Nippon Oil Pump used within machine tools and other factory automation equipment, a typical rebuild is as simple as a complete seal kit and bearings. JTEK is in constant contact with NOP factory in Japan and can assist customers on even the hardest pump issues.

A majority of the pumps that JTEK has presently been repairing are the Nippon Oil Pump HWM series (Coolant Pumps), as water plays havoc on bearings without proper maintenance. If the pump inlet is properly filtered with a suction strainer, the pump life is in years, but unfortunately we see all too often that there is no filtration of fluid entering the pump. With the tight tolerance of the gerotor inside the trochoid pump, the unit seizes from oversized particles that the pump cannot pass through.

JTEK also has a very large stock in Houston, TX and if the customers' pump is beyond repair we can expedite a new one to keep the production machines on schedule with a minimum of down-time.


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Company Name: JTEK Machinery, Inc
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