JTAG Test Solution accommodates all risk profiles.

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Offered as service-oriented product based on ScanExpress software, TestGenie provides complete boundary-scan test procedure along with production-ready execution station. In addition to board specific perpetual licenses for ScanExpress Runner, ScanExpress ADO, and ScanExpress Viewer modules, platform includes USB JTAG controller, 12 month hardware and software support contract, and test procedure development for one unit under test.

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Corelis Introduces TestGenie: High-End, Low-Cost JTAG Test Solution for All Budgets and Risk Profiles

Complete Boundary-Scan Product and Turn-Key Test Solution.

Cerritos, CA - Corelis, Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance boundary-scan test and measurement tools, announced today the launch of TestGenie, a new lowcost, low-risk boundary-scan test solution targeted specifically to companies with restricted resources, limited JTAG experience, fixed schedules, and tight test budgets. TestGenie is designed to satisfy a real need for boundary-scan testing, while at the same time reducing the inherent risks involved with boundary-scan employment. This service-oriented product, based on Corelis' ScanExpress software family, provides customers with a complete boundary-scan test procedure along with a production-ready execution station, all for one low price.

"With capital equipment budgets being harder to come by and fewer resources available for managers to assign, it is evident that the traditional model of owning boundary-scan tools outright and having a resident expert to develop test procedures is not practical for a large number of companies," describes Ryan Jones, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis. "But JTAG test requirements don't go away just because of these barriers. Many companies are finding themselves sacrificing their schedules to get the test coverage they need or more frightfully sacrificing test coverage to stay on schedule. TestGenie is designed to provide these companies with an affordable boundary-scan solution without sacrificing schedule or test coverage."

TestGenie is an ideal product for companies that:
  • Have a limited test budget
  • Have limited JTAG experience
  • Are uncertain if the tool costs will ever be recovered
  • Are not able to pursue boundary-scan due to tight product schedules
  • Do not have the resources to allocate to learn boundary-scan or write test procedures
  • Are overwhelmed by the technical requirements for boundary-scan
  • Have a limited number of design projects utilizing boundary-scan devices
  • Are unwilling to take the risk of failing with boundary-scan

    Jones continues, "Low-cost boundary-scan tools are nothing new, but they require the user to do all the work. TestGenie completely removes that overhead. It relieves companies of the risk of test procedure development and allows them to assign a variable cost to a specific design project or contract."

    The TestGenie system includes:
  • Board Specific Perpetual Licenses for:
    - ScanExpress Runner
    - ScanExpress ADO
    - ScanExpress Viewer
  • USB JTAG controller
  • 12 month hardware and software support contract
  • Test procedure development for one Unit Under Test (UUT)

    "Corelis is committed to product reliability and this singular characteristic is the cornerstone of our business model as well as that of our customers and the industry at large," emphasizes George B. La Fever, CEO and President at Corelis. "Product reliability is achieved through testing to the maximum coverage levels practicable. TestGenie has been strategically designed to ease that practicability for those companies who have a very real JTAG testing requirement. Test procedure development is delivered on a guaranteed schedule, allowing customers to clearly scope and bound their testing challenges in terms of schedule, cost, and technical risk in a technology where quite often more is unknown than known."

    For more information, visit: http://www.corelis.com/testgenie.

    About Corelis
    Corelis, Inc., a subsidiary of Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., offers bus analysis tools, embedded test tools, and the industry's broadest line of JTAG/boundary-scan software and hardware products combining exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service. Corelis' development and test tools are used by companies such as Agilent, Dell, IBM, Jabil, Intel, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Qualcomm, Nokia, Panasonic, TI, Ford, Plexus, Broadcom, Ericsson, Flextronics, and many others. Corelis products are found globally in every industry developing or manufacturing electronic products.

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