Joint Cleanout Saws have dust free operation.

Press Release Summary:

JS-90 and JS-110 walk-behind cutting saws have upcut rotation, which enables dust extraction and allows quick connection to dust collection system. Using dry diamond blades, both saws cut to maximum depth of 3 in. and clean joints at rate of 20 to 60 ft/min. Saws allow for simultaneous use of 2 blades for spalled joint repairs. JS-90 has 9-hp Honda gas engine, and weighs 160 lbs; JS-110 weighs 180 lbs, and has 11-hp engine.

Original Press Release:

Sawtec JS-90 & JS-110 Walk-Behind Joint Cleanout Saws Offer Dust Free Work Site

Fresno, TX - (January 9, 2002) - The Sawtec(TM) JS-90 and JS-110 Joint Cleanout Saws are walk-behind cutting saws for joint cleanout, concrete sawing and trench cutting. Both saws feature a blade guard designed with upcut rotation, which enables easy dust extraction, and allows quick connection to a dust collection system for a virtually dust free work area. The unit's dust free operation is particularly well suited for indoor use. Using dry diamond blades for timesavings on cleanup, the JS-90 and JS-110 cut to a maximum depth of 3" and clean joints at a rate of 20' to 60' per minute depending on application and material being cut. The design of the saws allows for the simultaneous use of two blades for spalled joint repair. A new double pointer has been added to both saws to increase visibility and improve cutting accuracy. The Sawtec JS-90 features a 9-hp Honda gas engine and weighs 160 lbs. The JS-110 weighs 180 lbs. and has an 11-hp engine, which offers increased power in challenging cutting applications such as channel cutting where two blades are used simultaneously. Sawing is smoother and productivity is increased.

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