Joining System joins PVDF acid waste pipe and fittings.

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Electrofusion joining system joins polyvinylidene fluoride acid waste pipe and fittings from 1½-6 in. using Rionfuse electrofusion processor built into shock-resistant, splash-proof case. System utilizes fusion coil made from heavy-duty stainless steel coil wire which can be rotated 360° in socket to aid in installation. Able to be interfaced with PC, product ensures leak-free joints and has internal memory that keeps track of date and weld number.

Original Press Release:

PVDF Electrofusion Now Available for Orion's Acid Waste Product Line

(Kansas City, KS) - Orion Fittings, a manufacturer of acid waste and high purity piping products, has introduced an electrofusion joining system designed to join Orion's polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) acid waste pipe and fittings using the Rionfuse electrofusion processor. Orion also offers mechanical joint and socket fusion systems for PVDF pipe and fittings. PVDF pipe and fittings from 1 ½" to 6" may be joined with the new fusion system. The system utilizes a fusion coil made from heavy duty stainless steel coil wire. The coil can be rotated 360° in the socket for ease of installation. Orion pipe and fittings are manufactured from Kynar® brand of PVDF. Kynar® has been certified to meet ASTM E-84 and UL 723 standards for flame and smoke spread, thus making the pipe and fittings suitable for use in areas classified as plenums. Virtually 100% leak-free joints are assured with Orion's Rionfuse electrofusion processor. Positive joints can be made is as little as two minutes and the potential for simultaneous welding of multiple joints also exists. Among the many user-friendly features of the Rionfuse electrofuser is an internal memory that keeps track of the date and weld number. It may also be interfaced with a PC. The Rionfuse processor is built into a shock-resistant, splash-proof case weighing just 35 pounds. For additional information, please contact: Christopher Ziu, vice president Orion Fittings, Inc. Telephone (913) 342-1653 FAX: (913) 342-7218

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