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Oakland, CA -- February 8, 2023 - Jetty Extracts has embarked on a path towards "doing cannabis right," as we like to call it, since its launch in 2013. They have pioneered this path by figuring out how to get dangerous ingredients out of our vapes and have continued their extensive research in the domain to become providers of chemical-free solutions to cannabis lovers. Jetty Extracts created the very first vape without harmful agents. This resulted in increasingly sophisticated methods for current solvent-based extraction, which are now employed in almost all vape products available on the market.

Along with traditional methods using solvents for extracts, Jetty Extracts also provides solventless extraction techniques that rely entirely on water, ice, heat, and pressure to make the trichome heads brittle enough to fall off the cannabis plant when it’s shaken. Their Ice Water Hash Pre-Rolls, Live Rosin concentrates, and Jetty's Solventless Vape are all made using this extraction technique at Jetty through its innovative, cutting-edge technology. It delivers products with the real essence of the plant from beginning to end after being purified for maximum potency.

Jetty Extracts Responds to Customer Surge in Demand for Solventless Cannabis Extracts

Concentrates made without solvents are a popular choice that should continue to gain popularity as rules align in favor of their adoption. Nate Ferguson, co-founder and head of production at Jetty, has worked diligently in R&D to create a cleaner vape ever since with no chemicals and has finally reached a milestone with solventless extracts. Jetty Extracts is now on a mission to provide solventless extracts to every country in the world, as this is a cleaner, purer and better way to satisfy the demands of the expanding consumer market. 

By taking a broad view of the increasing concentration in business, we can infer the emergence of solventless products. Purity, flavor, and experience are the reasons why consumers will gravitate toward solventless extracts in the future. The market for cannabis extracts should exceed $15.5 billion by 2030, according to data insights from Grand View Research 2022. The growth rate for the forecasted period till 2030 is predicted to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.6%. 

Delivering High-Quality Solventless Extracts 

An extract manufactured without directly contacting a chemical represents a turning point in the clean vape mission led by Jenny Extracts. Many customers appreciate the pure flavor of extracts made without the use of solvents and think these goods provide a better user experience. As more customers gravitate toward these high-end extracts, we anticipate further market expansion. 

At Jetty Extracts, great attention and research is devoted to the purification process of solventless extracts to keep them natural and eliminate anything that could compromise the flavor while maintaining the good quality of the extract. Their method shields the product from worries about heat deterioration and taste, giving them the highest quality available on the market.

Contact Jetty Extracts for flavorful extracts with alternatives to solventless extracts, and visit their website to read more about innovation stories and understand the difference between solvent-less and solvent-free cannabis extract solutions. 

About Jetty Extracts

Jetty Extracts have been known to set the bar for top-quality cannabis extracts using cutting-edge purification methods from growth to distribution since 2013. They’re fixated on excellence, abiding by the law, and never compromising the quality of their products or values - all right here in California. 

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