Jetty Extracts, A Popular Company That Has Gained Recognition for The Production of Solventless Vapes, Explains to Their Customers How Solventless Extracts are Produced without Involving Any Form of Chemical

Jetty Extracts, a popular company that has gained recognition for the production of solventless vapes, explains to their customers how solventless extracts are produced without involving any form of chemical. The company is known to be transparent about its production methods and understands the importance of explaining its clients about the chemical-free production of solventless extracts.

The concept of solventless extracts is simple to understand since it refers to extracts established without chemicals or any other ingredient that would be considered detrimental to the health of the customers. At Jetty extracts, the health of customers is given the utmost priority, and under no circumstance, they are willing to compromise customer satisfaction.

Usually, the process of extraction integrates the use of alcohol, namely ethanol, which taints the potency of the terps and cannabinoids and has also been considered harmful if used for a longer term. This is why the company decided to adopt methods that would preserve the flavors and are proven to be safe for consumption.

Ice Water Extraction

Jetty Extracts deems ice water extraction which is a special type of solventless extraction that uses ice, water, and fermentation. In comparison to butane and carbon dioxide extraction, this produces a purer form of extract that is free of contaminants.

Trichomes are easily separated in water because they are denser than water, and ice water is used to prevent the trichomes from dissolving in the water.

There are various benefits of using this method other than producing potent extracts. Ice water extraction also enhances the flavor and aroma and is less wasteful compared to dry sifting methods.

According to the co-founder and head of production, Nate Ferguson, the solventless vape “leads to a strong entourage effect. So it’s a unique, complex high...It’s clean, and light on the body. It’s exceptional.”

Because Jetty Extracts does not compromise on the quality, it has left quite an impression on its customers. The impression is reflected through the following reviews:

“They are still potent and true to the effects of that strain, And also to add their oil is high quality for sure but doesn't burn too fast. That's really good so a half gram cart for $40 lasts a week but is all you need, I recommend hybrids with balanced levels.” - Anna D.

“Jetty is my cart of choice. Smooth, tasty pulls Every time are what it delivers. I’ve tried several strains in the Jetty Gold series; Maui Wowie is my favorite”. - Mike M.

Contact Jetty Extracts for more information about the chemical-free production of extracts. You can also visit their website for more details and the products that they have to offer.

About the Jetty Extracts

Established in 2013, Jetty Extracts is one of the most popular companies when it comes to solventless stores in the Bay Area. Their products are carefully created without the use of pesticides, chemicals, and fillers. They have built their reputation from professionalism and impeccable products which are hygienic and safe to consume. For them, customer health is of top priority, which is why they offer the best to their clients.

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