JET-KLEEN(TM) Ensures Safe Cleanup of Personnel and Components

CHICAGO, IL December 18, 2008 - Safety managers in industries from manufacturing to electronics have started to recognize the advantages of the Jet-Kleen(TM) Personal Safety Blow-Off Gun as a safe and effective alternative to compressed air for dust and debris removal. Jim Parlin, services supervisor at Century Aluminum Corp. in Ravenswood, W.Va. said safety was a key consideration in his company turning to the Jet-Kleen system for worker cleanup. "Our employees were using compressed air to dust off their clothing," Parlin said. "... and Jet-Kleen is just what we needed to curtail high-pressure dust-off which we know can be very dangerous at times."

Lightweight, portable, and much quieter than compressed air, the Jet-Kleen system is easy to use and excels where employee safety is concerned. Since it is a blower-driven system, the Jet-Kleen avoids the risk of introducing oil, moisture or other contaminants that can result from using compressed air. It can also be pointed directly at the skin without injury. With air pressure of less than 3 psi (160 mBar), the Jet-Kleen is also particularly well suited to the semi-conductor industry, where fragile components or specialized equipment need to be cleaned and dried with extra care. The Jet-Kleen can also be used at dust-off stations, before entering clean rooms, or wherever workers need to clean-up before moving into other workspaces.

Formerly known as the Jet-Black, the Jet-Kleen system is now distributed exclusively for A.W.T. by, a supplier of various safety related products such as protective gloves, aprons, and biodegradable solvents. The Jet-Kleen comes in wall-mount and floor models, with a portable unit that is light enough to be transported into tight spots. The Jet-Kleen's sound-absorbing foam on all internal surfaces keeps noise levels low, (78 db or less) and the basic unit comes with eight feet of flexible hose, a 16-foot power cable, and an easy-to-hold nozzle. Other options include foot pedal operation, motor speed controller, and filter assembly.

For more information on the Jet-Kleen system, contact The A.W.T. World Trade Group: 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL at: 773.777.7100, E mail, or go to for a direct link to more detailed product information.

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