Jereh Coiled Tubing Unit Debuts in Marine Salvage Field Increases Efficency

YANTAI, China - Jereh Group announced its coiled tubing unit which is commonly used for oil and gas production, has started a new revolutionary application in marine salvage operation. By cooperating with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Jereh CTU is applied into the subsea horizontal directional to perform drilling operation at a water depth of 300 meters and it will take only one week to complete the same operation by labor, increasing working efficiency 4 times.

As a key part of subsea horizontal directional drilling system, the CTU adopts the specific subsea injector with anti-corrosion design for reliable and long-time underwater operation. "300 meter depth sets strict requirements for equipment's water-tightness and working stability under such pressure," said Mr. Forrest Wang, the Vice President of Jereh Group. "Jereh subsea injector is also featured by its carbonized gripper block assembly and Jereh-made pushing skid design. Moreover, whole underwater hydraulic system and premium control system with the free-maintenance and self-lubrication design is equipped, all of which guarantees the stable and high-efficient operation, especially under harsh subsea environment."

The new equipment and key components, including Jereh CTU reel, Jason tubing and Grifico CTU tools have been developed in order to introduce a reliable and functional offshore application.

The subsea horizontal directional drilling system is the world's most advanced marine salvage system, which could reach horizontal drilling length up to 100 meters at a water depth of 200 meters. By applying the coiled tubing unit, its working efficiency is 4 times higher than conventional manual operations, reducing from one month to one week. And it also achieves significant improvement in HSE, which may enjoy great market potential.

Known as the "all-round player" in oilfield industry, coiled tubing unit is widely used in well drilling, workover and stimulation. By starting the revolution of CTU's marine salvage application, it not only expands Jereh's CTU application and innovation from onshore to offshore, but also brings the marine salvage market more innovative choices.

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