Jenoptik with New Technologies and Products at Photonics West 2014

In San Francisco Jenoptik will be showcasing, from February 4–6, new technologies and further developments of its products from the Laser & Material Processing and Optical Systems divisions at Photonics West. Jenoptik is supporting again Entrepreneurs in Photonics in the SPIE Startup Challenge as the Founding Sponsor.

The Lasers & Material Processing division is to show, among other exhibits, an improved qcw diode laser stack with twice the power and the JenLas® 8W for a wide range of medical applications as well as in the field of show & entertainment.

The Optical Systems division will present the new F-Theta Lenses of the Silverline range with Broadband-Anti-Reflection-Coating for High-Power-NIR-Diode Laser Applications, an glueless lens mount design for DUV-Optics and the new point source LED for IR- and UV-Applications.

This year Jenoptik will be the founding sponsor of the annual entrepreneur competition of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. SPIE fellow Jay Kumler, responsible for the U.S. activities of the Jenoptik Optical Systems division, will be judge member for the SPIE Startup Challenge competition, which serves to support entrepreneurial projects.

Products at a glance: Lasers & Material Processing division

qcw Stack with twice the Power

Jenoptik will show an improved version of the previously available JOLD-x-QA-8A at the Photonics West 2014, namely the JOLD-x-QA-2x8A qcw stack, thus broadening its portfolio in the field of qcw laser sources for medical applications.

The module to be presented with the double vertical qcw diode laser stack stands out due to the maximum output power of 1.6 kilowatts, which means that the power has been doubled compared to the previous model. Hence, the stack is suitable for pumping applications and material processing even better. As the size of the emitting area has been increased to approx. 25×12 square millimeters with this stack, process speeds can now be increased significantly for the respective applications.

The hermetically sealed housing is dust-proof and gives the user a small, lightweight and robust design. In combination with the easy-to-handle service water cooling, the module can easily and quickly be integrated by the end user.

Frequency-doubled, diode-pumped disk laser JenLas® 8W for ophthalmology and show

A green disk laser with an output power of up to 8 watt (cw) will be exhibited in San Francisco as well. The JenLas® 8W is based on the JenLas® D2 technology – a core competence of Jenoptik for as long as 14 years. As a beam source, the laser is used especially in the field of medicine. Here, mainly in ophthalmology for retinal photocoagulation, but also in laser endoscopy and dermatology. In addition to those medical applications, the laser is also used successfully in the field of entertainment for laser shows and projections.

The frequency-doubled, diode-pumped disk laser is characterized by high beam quality and a wavelength of 532 nanometers. In addition to the increased power, the OEM design and the small overall size allow for easy integration in various laser-based processing systems at the customer’s premises and the miniaturization of the end devices. The green disk laser is produced at Jenoptik in Jena. The production has been certified to the strict standards in the field of medical technology.

Products at a glance: Optical Systems division

Silverline F-Theta Lenses with Broadband Anti-Reflection Coating for High-Power NIR-Diode-Laser-Applications

Jenoptik has added to its successful Silverline F-Theta product line new broadband F-Theta lenses with less absorption for high power diode laser applications. These lenses are covering a wavelength range of 900 to 1100 nanometers with high transmission performance. The specially developed anti-reflection coating is optimized for high transmission for the designated wavelength range. In addition, minimal absorption in the optics is key to high performance lenses for high-power laser applications. These lens properties ensure constant process parameters for the entire scanning fields and are particularly advantageous for applications with high-performance diode lasers running as high as the kilowatt range.

The first two versions of F-Theta broadband lenses are available for applications operating with focal lenghts of 160 and 255 millimeters together with a minimum spot diameter of down to 22 micrometers for single mode condition. Scanning fields with diagonals up to 160 millimeters can be processed. Application results from customers show very high performance with minimal thermal focal shift.

The lenses are advantageous for galvanometer scanner-based processes, such as those applied in mechanical engineering and car manufacturing, to process metals, sheet metal, and composite fibre materials.

New lens mount design for DUV optics

Jenoptik presents its newly developed thermally compensated lens mount design.

This patent pending technology is adhesive-free and especially designed for High-Numerical-Aperture (HNA)-DUV-optics. It reduces stress induced birefringence and improves the stability of optical components even under challenging environmental conditions.

In addition Jenoptik uses an innovative compensator concept to further exploit the outstanding opportunities of the new lens mount technology. It allows active manipulation with an accuracy of 10 Nanometers in a range of 300 Micrometers in x- and y-axis, even less if driven with state of the art actuators. The compensator ensures high-precision adjustment and position control for optical components in DUV Systems with high numerical aperture. Typical applications are optical beam delivery and illumination systems designed for micro-processing applications in the Semiconductor Equipment and Flat Panel Display industry.

The lens mount design is adaptable to optical materials like Calcium Fluoride or Fused Silica and can be made of stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. With many years of experience working with leading companies in the semiconductor industry, Jenoptik is a recognized partner from development through to series production of customized optical systems and high precision components.

New Point Source LED for UV and IR Spectral Range

Jenoptik has expanded its opto-electronics portfolio to include new customer-specific LED point sources for ultraviolet and infrared spectral range applications. In doing so, the company is adding to its red-emitting point source product group. These new LED point sources have an excellent homogeneous beam emissions area without side radiation and speckle formation. They ensure an evenly illuminated, sharply defined reflection on the radiating surface. The emissions area, shape, and optics of Jenoptik LED point sources can be fully customized and are therefore also suitable for integration into devices with space restrictions. Since they consume little power, the point sources are also ideal for use in mobile, battery-powered devices.

Tailored to meet the requirements of the application, the point sources can be assembled either as a chip solution, COB solution (Chip on Board), or a standard solution in the robust TO housing. Customer-specific COB solutions allow individual point geometries.

The new UV point sources for the wavelength of 360 nanometers are available with a spot diameter of 60 or 100 micrometers in the TO housing. They offer a well collimated radiation with an angle of radiation of up to seven degrees and a high power density focus. UV point sources are used predominantly in medical devices, for instance for blood analysis and fluorescence microscopy.

For applications in the infrared wavelength range Jenoptik offers new IR point sources group for a wavelength of 850 nanometers. These can be adapted to the customer's specific application with a spot diameter of 25 to 150 micrometers. The IR point sources make the smallest focus areas possible for high resolution in optical rotary encoders, as well ensuring efficient coupling to fiber optics for data transfer and a good collimation with high radiances for light barriers and motion sensors.

Jenoptik develops and manufactures customer-specific opto-electronic semiconductor devices that have high-intensity dynamics and are reliable and durable. High-quality LED chips, COB solutions, and a TO housing with an excellent processing capability allow for efficient system integration.

The technology for the new semiconductor devices was developed by Jenoptik and its partners as part of the WideBaSe research project investigating AlGaN-based UV technologies.

About Jenoptik

As a comprehensive optoelectronics group, Jenoptik divides its activities into five divisions: Lasers & Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems. Its customers around the world mainly include companies in the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment manufacturing industry, automotive and automotive supplier industry, medical technology, security and defense technology as well as the aerospace industry.

In the Lasers & Material Processing division Jenoptik covers the entire value-added chain of laser material processing and it is one of the leading providers – from components through to complete systems.

The Optical Systems division provides opto-mechanical and opto-electronic systems, modules and assemblies for highest quality standards and is a development and production partner for optical, micro-optical and coated components – made of optical glass, infrared materials as well as polymer.


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