Jaw Couplings facilitate insert removal process.

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With tool-less twist off and peel back functionality, JIS 6 pin jaw in-shear coupling enables 5-15 min removal and replacement of spider or insert. Product is available in 850,000+ combinations of bore sizes, as well as custom bore sizes, and features respective angular and parallel misalignment capabilities of 2° and 0.030-0.094 in. Part is made of 50D shore Urethane material with 200°F max temperature, and retaining ring is of No. 347 cast stainless steel.

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Lovejoy Jaw in-Shear Couplings - as Easy as 1-2-3

Discover Lovejoy, Inc.'s 6 pin jaw in-shear coupling - save time and aggravation!

(Downers Grove, IL) October 15, 2006 - Anyone who has been to a trade show and has seen Lovejoy's 6 pin jaw in-shear coupling in action doesn't need any more convincing. But for those who haven't, some photos and a brief explanation of the benefits should do the trick.

Most elastomeric couplings take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to remove and replace the spider or insert. Lovejoy's JIS 6 Pin takes five to fifteen minutes and it's as easy as this: twist off the retaining ring; peel back the insert; take the insert out of the coupling; install a new insert; and put the retaining ring back on. That's it - no tools.

And the real advantage is that the JIS 6 pin uses a standard Lovejoy Jaw hub, one that most companies already have on their shelves. So, when Lovejoy says there is little downtime, they aren't just talking about changing the insert, they are also talking about waiting for parts.

"There are other companies that make couplings with a similar design, but our part doesn't require a specialized hub," explained Lovejoy product manager, Charlie Mudra. "The beauty of this jaw coupling is that it's so versatile."

More specific benefits include: a two-degree angular misalignment capability, 0.030-inch to 0.094-inch parallel misalignment capability; torsional wind-up of five degrees at full load; composed of 50D shore Urethane material with a maximum temperature of 200 degrees F (93C); retaining ring composed of #347 cast stainless steel; can be used with AL-type aluminum jaw coupling hubs for AL090/95, AL099, 100, and AL 110; and the original JIS locking ring is interchangeable with the new JIS 6 Pin elastomer.

The JIS 6 Pin will disconnect the two pieces of equipment upon failure because there is no metal-to-metal contact. Parts are resistant to oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease. With customized bore sizing always available, Lovejoy's jaw couplings are available in more than 850,000 combinations of bore sizes.

Among the many industries that benefit from this innovative design are steel, paper, packaging, and chemical processing.

"We want people to understand how easy it is to use," Mudra added. "When people see it demonstrated in-person, they understand the enormous time-saving benefits right away."

When applied to light, medium, and heavy-duty electrical motors and internal-combustion power transmissions, the jaw coupling is unsurpassed in reliability.

The Lovejoy catalogue features a full-line of jaw couplings, along with torque ratings, bore and keyway charts. The coupling selection process is laid out in simple steps. A jaw coupling brochure includes the same details. The catalogue and brochure can be ordered through the Lovejoy website or by calling Lovejoy headquarters.

To learn more about Lovejoy's complete line of durable, maintenance-free, heavy duty couplings, visit their website at www.Lovejoy-Inc.com, or call the corporate office 630-852-0500. Email inquiries to Info@Lovejoy-Inc.com.

Lovejoy, Inc. is certified under the ISO-9001:2000 International Standards for Quality Management. Lovejoy, Inc., World Headquarters offices are at 2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA, fax 630-852-2120.

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