Java Virtual Machine has real-time pacing agent.

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PERC v4.1 platform includes pacing agent and profiling tools that enable developers to achieve accurate real-time control of their applications. Using garbage-collection pacing API, pacing agent monitors memory allocation behavior of application workload and automatically adjusts timing and ratios of CPU-time increments dedicated to garbage collection activities. Using embedded Optimizeit(TM) v5.0 profiling tools, users can pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks.

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Aonix Releases Real-Time Pacing Agent with PERC® 4.1

Embedded Optimizeit(TM) profiling tools enhance mission-critical capabilities

SAN DIEGO, CA, PARIS, FRANCE, September 15, 2003 - Aonix®, an independent global company delivering complete solutions for safety- and mission-critical applications, announced today release of PERC 4.1 platform, a Java virtual machine designed to provide real-time control for mission-critical network infrastructure, military command and control, industrial automation, and commercial telematics. PERC 4.1 provides a pacing agent and profiling tools that enable developers to achieve accurate real-time control of their applications.

Critical to successful real-time control is the developers' ability to manage the application's memory. In most real-time designs, determining the correct combination of parameters requires experimentation, and many applications require different pacing parameters for each phase of execution, combinations of concurrently executing application components, and varied hardware configurations. Using a new garbage-collection pacing API, the PERC 4.1 pacing agent monitors the memory allocation behavior of the application workload and automatically adjusts the timing and ratios of CPU-time increments dedicated to garbage collection activities. Source code for the pacing agent is provided for developers who need to fine-tune it for specialized system needs. The pacing agent ensures that no garbage-collection increments are scheduled for times already set aside for execution of application tasks in the real-time workload. In doing this, the new pacing agent simplifies development and improves the system's responsiveness to dynamic changes in the system workload.

"This release builds on long-standing PERC traditions," noted Kelvin Nilsen, Aonix Chief Technology Office and founder of the PERC technology. "Aonix is focused on providing multilanguage support to the development of mission-critical systems. As its Java offering, PERC offers standard J2SE libraries and development tools with sub-millisecond timing precision and high reliability thanks to its advanced memory management and enhanced high-precision timing services."

Using Optimizeit(TM) 5.0 PERC Edition from Aonix, developers are able to quickly pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks. Developed and distributed by Borland for desktop and server applications, Optimizeit is widely recognized as the best optimization and profiling tool available for Java. To make Optimizeit work even better with embedded targets, Aonix has implemented a PERC-specific reduced-memory embedded agent for Optimizeit. This embedded agent reduces Optimizeit memory requirements on the embedded target to a much smaller target footprint than the Optimizeit enterprise and desktop products require.

Working closely with established customers including Calix, Inkra Networks, Intel, and Nortel Networks, Aonix has prioritized the development of various incremental improvements in this PERC release. PERC 4.1 includes AOT and JIT compiler optimizations for the Pentium, PowerPC, ARM, and XScale targets, yielding up to a 30% speedup on some benchmarks. New platform support includes WindRiver's Tornado 2.2 development environment, support for RedHat 8.0 and 9.0, and integration of the PERC Shell and PERC Target Server tools with the popular Eclipse IDE. Aonix has also added many JDK 1.4-compliant Java libraries such as java.util.logging and java.util.prefs packages as well as updating collections classes and JDBC 3.0 support to the existing JDK 1.3-compatible product.

Royalty-free project licensing packages of PERC 4.1 begin shipping in October.

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