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Janesville Textile Mill Offers Solution to BP Oil Spill Mess

YouTube Video Sparks National Interest

Janesville - A Wisconsin company may have a solution for the government and communities in the Gulf struggling to contain the reach of the ever burgeoning BP oil spill. The fabric it has produced for years is also a proven oil-absorber, and now the company has created a YouTube video demonstrating its success in hopes of getting the attention of federal authorities.

The video has sparked a wave of interest across the country. "Knowing how incredibly effective our fabric is at collecting oil, we knew we had to get our message out any way possible," explains Monterey Mills President, Daniel Sinykin. "We feel awful for the people and wildlife suffering in the Gulf Coast and are confident that our fabric is the means to prevent BP oil from reaching and despoiling shorelines across the Gulf."

Monterey Mills, as the largest manufacturer of knit pile fabric in the United States, is already an approved Federal Government contractor regarding other fabric applications. Monterey's performance fabrics are especially designed to maximize pickup and release for paint rollers, air and water filtration systems, and other industrial applications.

"We can prove that our product is head-and-shoulders above all of the other options being featured on the news and internet-including peat moss, hay, human and pet hair, and a 'specialty-fabric' out of Europe," asserts Sinykin. "Unlike other alternatives, our biodegradable fabric can be dragged both above and below the water surface and, after being used, can be easily rolled up and removed. One lineal yard of our fabric can absorb roughly 30 pounds of oil, and we can produce enough fabric to save over 20 miles of beachfront every day."

On Thursday, Monterey Mills will be sponsoring a larger demonstration of its fabric's performance abilities at its Janesville factory, open to the public and media, in response to the huge interest its recent YouTube video sparked (

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