Itronics Continues to Advance New Product and Process Technology Developments to Improve Its Financial Situation and to Increase Its Environmental Achievements

RENO, Nev., Nov. 6 / -- Itronics Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: ITRO; Frankfurt and Berlin Stock Exchanges: ITG) reported today that its subsidiary, Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., is continuing to make progress on a number of product and process developments, including new air cleaning technology, that will improve the Company's bottom line and reputation as an environmentally progressive company. This update demonstrates the Company's continuing ability to convert new environmentally sound and operationally integrated product and process concepts into commercial reality.

o Revisions to the photochemical blending procedures that will increase
throughput capacity for GOLD'n GRO manufacturing by 250 percent were
completed and are being implemented.

o Work continued on equipment design and specification for the expansion
of the solids handling capacity in the silver refinery, with completion
expected in the fourth quarter in order to significantly increase
production capacity.

o During the third quarter development work on the new
silver-iron-zinc-sulfur concentrate leaching process continued. The
leaching process has two steps; (1) removal of iron and other nutrient
metals (ItroMet FeLix Process), and (2) removal of sulfur (ItroMet SuLix
Process). Development of operating parameters for the ItroMet FeLix
Process is nearly complete, and development of operating parameters for
the ItroMet SuLix Process is underway. Plans to perform small-scale
pilot leach tests are being implemented with completion of leaching
tests expected in the fourth quarter. The two leaching processes reduce
silver refining cost and increase silver refining capacity by reducing
the weight of solids fed to the silver refinery by 50 percent. At the
same time the processes produce two base liquids for use in
manufacturing GOLD'n GRO chelated liquid fertilizers. These are: (1) an
iron-zinc base liquid, and (2) a sulfur base liquid. Use of these base
liquids in GOLD'n GRO fertilizer manufacturing is expected to replace
some of the non-photographic raw materials needed to produce the
fertilizers, thereby stabilizing and reducing manufacturing costs.

o The Company has begun development of a third related process (ItroMet
K-Thio Process) that will convert the recovered sulfur-bearing liquids
to potassium thiosulfate, a raw material used in manufacturing the
GOLD'n GRO fertilizers. Completion of this third process will result in
an integrated silver-iron-zinc-sulfur solids handling system that
produces zero waste and makes it possible to maximize use of the
contained nutrient metals and minerals, while leaving the silver and
other non-nutrient metals and minerals in the remaining solids being
sent to the silver refinery for recovery of silver and production of a
glass slag that can be used to make glass tile.

o The Company has developed and installed a pilot-scale equipment system,
called an "air scrubber," that cleans the air from the silver refining
operation. The air scrubber uses a chemical solution sprayed into a
packed column. The system provides nearly complete removal of
impurities and odors in the air and produces a base liquid for use in
manufacturing GOLD'n GRO fertilizers. The air scrubber has been
operational since April 2007 and is working well. The Company is
planning to install two more air scrubbers that will be needed as GOLD'n
GRO fertilizer manufacturing continues to expand.

Air scrubbers are widely used in the chemical process industry, but they typically produce liquids that have to be disposed as either hazardous or non-hazardous wastes. The Company believes that the ability to produce a liquid product for use in fertilizer is not only environmentally beneficial but creates substantial economic savings compared to existing technologies and provides fertilizer raw material cost savings that will further stabilize and reduce the cost of manufacturing the GOLD'n GRO fertilizers.

The Company believes that in the future it may be able to convert these environmentally compatible technologies to process silver concentrates from multi-metal silver mines that are being developed in many Latin American countries and in other parts of the world. The Company plans to monitor these possibilities as it continues to develop this technology for its own use on a commercial scale.

"On-going advancement of integrated environmentally beneficial process and product technology demonstrates that Itronics' eight part long term growth plan, announced in June 2005, continues to be successfully implemented," said Dr. John Whitney, President. Itronics expects to report more fully on these developments for the third quarter on November 14 when it files its Third Quarter Form 10-QSB.

About Itronics

Itronics, through its subsidiary, Itronics Metallurgical, Inc., is the only company in the world with a fully permitted "Beneficial Use Photochemical, Silver, and Water Recycling" plant located in the United States which can convert used photoliquids into pure silver and liquid fertilizers. At the Company's Reno, Nevada factory more than 99 percent of the silver and virtually all the other toxic heavy metals are extracted from used photoliquids. The purified liquids are converted into environmentally beneficial, chelated, micronutrient and multinutrient liquid fertilizers sold under the GOLD'n GRO trademark. The silver is refined and sold as bullion and 5 troy ounce, 0.999 pure, Silver Nevada Miner numismatic bars. The environmentally friendly liquid fertilizers can be used for lawns and houseplants, and are available, along with GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizer injectors, at the Company's "e-store" catalog at . The popular Silver Nevada Miner bars are available at the Company's "e-store" catalog at .

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Itronics Inc. is a "Creative Environmental Technology" company and a world leader in photochemical recycling. The Company also provides environmentally compatible mining technology development, project planning, and technical services to the gold mining industry and operates the popular web site, which provides a value-added WORLD VIEW of Gold Producer Stocks, Mineral Producer Stocks, Junior Gold Stocks, and Junior Mineral Stocks. Itronics has received numerous domestic and international awards that recognize its ability to successfully create and implement new environmentally compatible recycling and fertilizer technologies.


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