Italy's Foremost Distributor of Analytical Instruments Adds Headwall's Hyperspectral Sensors and Raman Imagers

Headwall has announced a new distributor partnership with Diessechem srl, with offices in Milan, Italy. The agreement between the two companies is effective immediately and forges a distribution relationship in Italy for Headwall's award-winning Hyperspec® line of hyperspectral sensors and Raman imagers. Mr. Francesco Beccari, Product Manager for Diessechem, has extensive experience in spectral imaging and will be handling sales, support, training and deployment on behalf of Headwall.

In announcing the appointment, Headwall CEO David Bannon remarked on the depth of spectral imaging knowledge at Diessechem. "From pharmaceuticals to food processing, to remote sensing, Diesschem is uniquely able to fulfill rising demand for Headwall's spectral imaging instruments and custom spectrometers as well as provide the critical training and engineering assistance vital to every successful deployment."

Diessechem, operating since 1993, will be managing Headwall's hyperspectral and Raman imagers through its Diesseinstrument unit. Since the Company handles other complementary imaging technologies, Diessechem is able to provide end-to-end, application-specific solutions built around Headwall's range of sensors. Mr. Beccari noted that Headwall's hyperspectral sensors fit Diessechem perfectly: "Spectral imaging is much more than simply a catalog of products," he noted. "Our ability to now offer Headwall's industry-leading hyperspectral imagers across all our markets represents a very important advancement for our clients across Italy."

Hyperspectral imaging can quickly and non-destructively image objects within the field of view to determine its chemical and spectral fingerprint. Headwall's sensors take advantage of reflective diffractive optics, which use aberration-corrected gratings to deliver high performance with respect to high spatial and spectral resolution, high signal-to-noise performance, and a wide field of view. Remote sensing using small and light sensors mounted to small aerial platforms and manned aircraft is a fast-growing application area that Headwall has pioneered. Other application areas include advanced machine vision, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and mining & mineral exploration.

About Headwall 

Headwall, based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts (USA), is a leading designer and manufacturer of hyperspectral instruments for industrial, commercial, remote sensing, precision agriculture, and government markets. Other application areas include medical and biotechnology, forensics, chemicals, and color measurement, and in-line process inspection. Headwall enjoys a market leadership position through the design and manufacture of spectral instrumentation that is customized for application-specific performance, for end users and OEMs.

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Headwall's hyperspectral sensors meet a wide range of use-cases, from airborne remote sensing to in-line advanced machine vision. Fundamental to all Headwall sensors is aberration-corrected diffractive optics using the Company's all-original holographic gratings.

About Diessechem

DIESSECHEM srl is the leading supplier of diagnostic kits for laboratory analysis and food safety, and of NIR spectrophotometers, spectroradiometers, ultra-portable Raman imagers. DIESSECHEM is divided into two product lines (Diessefood and Diesseinstrument) operating in synergy through a sales network of employees and commercial agents throughout Italy. DIESSECHEM also provides technical support from Milan (for northern and central Italy) and Rome (for Central and Southern Italy) to meet the demands for post-sale assistance.

Mr. Francesco Beccari

Diessechem srl

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