IT Operations Management Software offers 2-tier automation framework:.

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Dollar Universe v6 allows IT teams to handle all datacenter's IT tasks and workloads whether linked to critical business processes or infrastructure tasks. Software logs results of each execution and contributes to producing documentation for auditing compliance of IT operations using current standards and regulations. Use of Sysload server performance technologies allows jobs to be triggered at ideal time according to level of available system resources.

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ORSYP Breaks New Ground in Datacenter Automation

LONDON, -- ORSYP, a specialist of enterprise-level IT Operations Management (ITOM) software and services has announced version 6 of its Dollar Universe product, setting new productivity standards by offering an automation solution that targets the whole Datacenter.

IT teams today are under pressure to deliver the right information within the allocated time frame and at the lowest cost. They must also prevent any break in the information processing chain in order to meet their service level commitments.

However, the management of the Datacenter continues to increase in complexity with the widespread adoption of virtualization, the development of Cloud computing, the growth in the diversity of platforms, the multiplication of applications as well as restrictions imposed by regulatory compliance.

In order to address these challenges, ORSYP offers with version 6 of Dollar Universe an innovative solution which allows organizations to underpin their IT operations using a comprehensive automation framework:

Handling of all IT tasks and Workloads

Allows the IT teams to handle all the Datacenter's IT tasks and workloads whether linked to critical business processes or infrastructure tasks. It provides a two-tier solution providing general automation support for IT Operations.

Increased Productivity

Centralized administration of users, the deployment of tasks as well as product updates providing complete control of the configurations' life cycles. It thus increases the productivity of the IT teams and also offers greater reliability of the IT Operations.

Traceability of Operations

Logs the result of each of the executions and contributes efficiently to producing the required documentation for auditing the compliance of IT Operations using current standards and regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley.

Intelligent Planning

Extensive conditioning capability. The use of Sysload server performance technologies allows, in particular, jobs to be triggered at the ideal time according to the level of available system resources. Freed up from manual control, the IT teams can thus focus on higher value-added tasks.


ORSYP is an independent IT Operations Management solutions provider helping customers assure that IT services are delivered on-time. Headquartered in Paris, France, Boston, USA, Hong Kong, China, ORSYP has more than 25 years of growth and over 1,400 blue chip customers. ORSYP software, including Enterprise Job Scheduling, IT Automation, Performance and Capacity Management and also ITSM consulting services, are trusted and proven in some of the world's most demanding physical and virtual environments.

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