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IT Energy Management Appliance features turnkey design.

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Nov 08, 2012 - Based on 1U server, Verdiem VBOX is configured with all necessary components, including Verdiem Surveyor Fall Edition 2012, and can be acquired and deployed within days. Connect for Smart Buildings, also available, integrates IT energy management with BMS, providing visibility and control across facility equipment and IT devices for energy management and subsequent waste reduction. Energy management analytics with role-based dashboards are also included.

Verdiem Corporation - Seattle, WA

Original Press Release

Verdiem Introduces VBOX and Releases Fall Edition

Press release date: Oct 23, 2012

Integrates IT Energy Management with Building Management Systems for Smart Buildings

SEATTLE -- Verdiem, a leader in IT energy management software, today introduced Verdiem VBOX, the first IT energy management appliance, in conjunction with the release of Verdiem Surveyor Fall Edition 2012. VBOX is a fully integrated software and hardware solution for an easy, quick and affordable deployment.

With the Fall Edition, Verdiem is also releasing Connect for Smart Buildings, a solution that integrates IT energy management with building management systems (BMS). Connect for Smart Buildings provides facilities and energy managers with visibility and control across facility equipment (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, etc.) and IT devices for comprehensive energy management to significantly reduce energy waste.

In addition, Verdiem expands its leading energy management analytics with new role-based dashboards that deliver key summary information on energy savings as well as the ability to drill down to uncover more detailed insights in order to optimize energy savings.

"Energy is an expensive and essential resource. The fact that demand is rising and supply is constrained is driving interest in energy management technologies," said Andrew Donoghue, eco-efficient IT analyst at 451 Research. "Verdiem is well placed to benefit from this trend by offering solutions that provide a holistic view of enterprise IT energy consumption. Companies can make substantial reductions in energy use and cost across both IT and facilities by using the kind of monitoring and control software developed by suppliers such as Verdiem."

"Verdiem has spent more than 10 years innovating in the world of IT energy management," said John Scumniotales, president and CEO of Verdiem. "We have deep IT experience and our solution is proven for both large distributed enterprises and small single location organizations. Due to its easy deployment and fast time to realize savings, the new VBOX reflects the growing demand for energy efficiency solutions in the mid-market, particularly in the education, government, and non-profit hospital sectors, as these organizations are under significant budget pressure and can save jobs by cutting energy waste."


For many mid-market organizations with limited IT resources, it can take months to get a server purchased or a virtual machine provisioned to support a new software solution. Within days, a Verdiem VBOX can be purchased and deployed. VBOX is a turnkey IT energy management appliance that accelerates Verdiem's industry leading time-to-value. Based on a standard 1u server, VBOX is pre-packaged and configured with all necessary components including the Verdiem Surveyor Fall Edition. With the solution, organizations benefit from up to 60% savings in IT energy costs for PCs, Macs, IP phones, switches/routers, and other Power-over-Ethernet devices. Customers typically achieve ROI in 6-12 months, and less if utility rebates are available. In addition, IT can more securely and reliably manage the PC fleet with a 90%+ success rate in waking-up PCs for software updates and patch management with network-friendly Wake-on-WAN technology.


Traditional divisions of labor between facilities and IT are impediments to effective energy management. In today's world, where buildings include Ethernet-ready devices connected directly to corporate networks and energy requirements are on the rise, the need for a convergence between IT and facilities energy management is becoming ever more critical. The new network-ready smart building is opening up opportunities for integration and innovation for enterprise-wide energy management that provides visibility and control across facilities and IT devices.

Verdiem's Connect for Smart Buildings integrates building management systems with Surveyor Fall Edition via a web service application-programming interface (API). Facilities and energy managers have visibility and control over the electrical power of the entire enterprise inclusive of the distributed IT device plug load. In addition, Connect for Smart Buildings enables facilities and IT to collaborate on smart building and demand shedding scenarios, allowing the BMS to change policies and effect near real-time changes to IT device power consumption. For example, an aggressive energy saving policy could be applied to lower IT's energy draw in order to meet other energy demands on campus or across the smart grid.


With the Fall Edition, Verdiem extends its leadership in energy management analytics with Verdiem Dashboards. The role-based dashboards provide actionable information to the stakeholders in IT energy management including executives, facility/energy managers, sustainability officers, and IT professionals. The Summary Dashboard delivers an at-a-glance view into the organization's total energy savings and corresponding reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 

For IT and energy managers, the Details Dashboard provides a breakdown of energy savings and consumption by attributes such as location, group, device type, and power saving policy. For deeper insights, they can leverage Verdiem Analytics - the built-in business intelligence reporting engine. Enhancements in Verdiem Analytics include the ability to drill down to an individual device's energy profile and to report its energy consumption in 15 minute increments, further extending Verdiem's leading measurement accuracy. With these powerful analytics capabilities, energy managers can uncover areas of waste to be converted into additional savings through better optimized power policies.

During deployment and ongoing operations, IT can utilize the Status Dashboard for visibility at the device-level to track progress and identify any health issues such as devices not reporting energy information. IT can also flag devices that are underutilized and therefore possible candidates for elimination, consolidation or virtualization.

About Verdiem

Verdiem helped define the PC power management market and has now extended its leadership into IT energy management software. Verdiem enables customers to centrally control and reduce the energy used by PCs, Macs, and network devices running Cisco EnergyWise without impacting end users. More than 700 corporations, government agencies and universities have deployed Surveyor on over 2 million devices. Most customers experience ROI within six to 12 months. Based in Seattle, Verdiem is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. More information is available at

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