IST Offers A Line of Capacitive RH Sensors

Innovative Sensor Technology has applied thin film technology to develop a line of capacitive relative humidity sensors that are capable of measuring 0 to 100% relative humidity and operating at temperature ranges of -80°C to +190°C. The product line features sensors with excellent linearity, low hysteresis, fast response times, and high chemical resistance.

Linearity Error <1.5% RH from 15 to 90 % RH at 23°C

The use of high quality materials and manufacturing processes allow for outstanding measurement capabilities in the areas of linearity, hysteresis, and response time. Exceptional linearity of the characteristic curve over the entire humidity range (< 1.5% RH from 15 to 90 % RH at 23°C) yields accurate results for %RH readings. In addition to linearity, the sensors also offer stability; demonstrating fast recovery times, reversible behavior after dewing conditions, and low hysteresis in cyclical testing (<1.5% RH when cycled for 1 hour between 20% RH at 23°C and 85% RH at 70°C). The core technologies used to construct a capacitive humidity sensor allow for the production of very small sensors with low thermal mass that lead to ultra fast response times (T63 < 2sec from 50% RH to 0% RH).

Sensors Resistant to Chemical Exposure

IST sensors offer robustness and the ability to withstand harsh environments. Not only are the sensors capable of measuring at high temperatures, but they are also resistant to chemicals, demonstrating their harsh environment applications. The sensors maintain an excellent degree of accuracy after prolonged submersion in harsh chemicals and substances, and they are able to sustain linearity after extended exposure to volatile gases.

Sensor Features

IST humidity sensors are available in SMD and package variations to meet a wide variety of customer applications. Sensors with integrated platinum temperature sensors for temperature compensation, and calibrated and fully exchangeable humidity modules are also available.

Innovative Sensor Technology is a world-class manufacturer of thin-film RTD temperature sensors, capacitive humidity sensors, and mass flow sensors. Established in 1991, IST is an ISO 9001 certified company and is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland, with subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and USA.

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