Isotropic Magnetic Antennas suit 13.56 MHz NFC applications.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring NiZn ferrite core with surface resistance greater than 10 MW/mm, 3D-coil Series 3DC15-HF operates from -40 to +85ºC and is available with 3, 6, 9, 18, and 60 µH inductance values. SMD configuration allows integration in automatic PCB assembly process. Super Drop Test Resistance coil Series SDTR1103-HF offers inductance values from 1-20 µH. Meeting AEC-Q-200 standards in automotive applications, both are suited for RFID applications with ISO15693 and ISO 14443 interfaces.

Original Press Release:

SMD Isotropic Antenna for NFC Applications (13.56 MHz)

Premo launches to the market a new 3D-coil isotropic magnetic antenna for NFC applications (13.56MHz).

In the last few years, Communication technology by Near Field Communications (NFC) has experienced a lot of improvements. New tablets, smart phones, etc, has been announced with this NFC functionality for E-Wallet application.

The antenna has a high surface resistance NiZn ferrite core material (>10Mohm/mm) and low initial permeability to work at high frequency. This provide a very stable performance in a wide range of temperature (-40ºC to +85ºC). This series has the same format as 3DC15 (125kHz) transponder family and they can be provide with same mechanical performance: label, cap and/or foam.

3DC15-HF is offered with 3, 6, 9, 18 and 60uH inductance values. You can use all previous inductance value independent or combine them to produce the standard inductance values of 1, 2, 3, 6 and 20uH connecting the 3 axes in parallel.

Its Surface Mounting Device (SMD) configuration allows an easy integration in an automatic printed circuit board assembly process (lead-free reflow), avoiding handling of the piece that could damage winding wire of the piece.

PREMO NFC antennas also include SDTR1103-HF family. PREMO has recently enhanced this family with new inductance values from 1 to 20uH.

SDTR1103 and 3DC15 series meets the AEC-Q-200 (one of the most restrictive quality standards for electric components) in automotive applications. This implies a guarantee and security in the performance of the component in applications for both domestic and industrial environments.

This Super Drop Test Resistance coil (SDTR1103-HF2) and 3DC15-HF (in its foam version) are especially suitable for applications which require high (drop-tests) requirements, like mobiles and key-fobs, etc.

The inductance and "Q" factor has been measured at 13.56MHz and are suitable for RFID applications with ISO15693 (vicinity: I-CODE) and ISO 14443 (proximity: MIFARE) interface.


PREMO worldwide leading company designs, manufacture and supplies standard and custom made inductive components for the electronics market. Our wide range of products are RFID transponder coils, EMC filters, PLC accessories, planar transformers, current transducers, chokes, mainly for automotive, renewable energy and railways markets.

Link to 3dc15-hf datasheet:

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