Isolation Systems protect against airborne contaminants.

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AirShelter(TM) Isolation Systems use HEPA-filtered air to create contained, positive-pressure environments. Their main component is American Air Filter's AstroCel® II HEPA filter. The combination of positive pressure ventilation(PPV) and HEPA filtration provides filtration levels greater than 99.97% on 1 to 5 micron particles. AirShelter line includes ceiling and floor-mounted HEPA filtration systems and associated monitoring and control equipment.

Original Press Release:

AAF International Announces AirShelter (TM) Isolation Systems Effective Against Anthrax Spores and Other Airborne Biological Threats

AAF International, manufacturer of AmericanAirFilter® products and the world's largest dedicated air filtration company, has announced the addition of AirShelter to its extensive line of HVAC filters and Air Quality Equipment designed to protect occupants of commercial and public buildings from the risk of airborne contaminants.

AirShelter uses HEPA-filtered air to create contained, positive-pressure environments. These controlled environments isolate occupants from airborne contaminants and biological threats. Using AirShelter, specific "safe areas" can be established within structures where people gather. It has a broad range of applications including office buildings, schools, shopping centers, and airports.

The heart of the AirShelter is the American Air Filter AstroCel® II HEPA filter currently in use in critical healthcare, government, military, and industrial facilities. The combination of positive pressure ventilation (PPV) and HEPA filtration is a proven technology that American Air Filter has used for many years to provide extremely high levels of air purity. This combination virtually eliminates the introduction of airborne pathogens in contained spaces, providing a filtration level greater than 99.97% on 1 to 5 micron particles, such as Anthrax spores.

The US Center for Disease Control, OSHA, and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission recommend PPV with HEPA filtration for isolation from airborne biological pathogens.

"The AirShelter is an exciting and logical continuation of American Air Filter's 80 years of filtration expertise. It is designed to offer a reasonably-priced and very effective solution to the challenge of biological terrorism in the world today," said Dennis Wierzbicki, Vice President and General Manager of American Air Filter's, Air Quality Equipment Division.

In most applications, the AirShelter is quickly and easily installed by commercial HVAC contractors in accordance with American Air Filter specifications. The AirShelter line includes ceiling and floor-mounted HEPA filtration systems, with associated monitoring and control equipment, designed to handle relatively small and contained spaces. For larger areas or facilities, American Air Filter recommends their Bag-In/Bag-Out (BIBO) systems that contain HEPA filters, and can be customized to add gas-phased protection using activated carbon or other adsorption technology.

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