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Isolated DC/DC Converters are supplied in 20-lead SSOP.

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Nov 26, 2012 - Using isoPower® isolated DC/DC converter technology, ADuM5010, ADuM6010, ADuM521x, and ADuM621x deliver up to 150 mW of output power; ADuM521x and ADuM621x also integrate 2 channels of iCoupler® data isolation technology. All 100 Mbps converters provide regulated, isolated power, adjustable between 3.15 and 5.25 V. While ADuM5010/ADuM521x are certified for 2.5 kV rms (1 min) isolation, ADuM6010/ADuM621x are certified for 3.75 kV rms (1 min) isolation.

Analog Devices Inc - Norwood, MA

Original Press Release

Analog Devices Introduces Industry's Smallest Isolated DC-to-DC Converters

Press release date: Nov 13, 2012

New isolated DC-to-DC converters incorporate ADI’s isoPower® power isolation technology, shrinking board space by 75 percent compared to competing solutions.

NORWOOD, Mass.--Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal-processing applications and a pioneer in digital isolator technology, today introduced the industry’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC converters. The ADuM5010, ADuM6010, ADuM521x and ADuM621x use ADI’s proprietary isoPower® isolated DC-to-DC converter technology to deliver 150 mW of output power while using less board space than competing module-based solutions. The ADuM521x and ADuM621x also integrate two channels of ADI’s award winning iCoupler® data isolation technology to reduce board space by up to 75 percent compared to optocoupler-based alternatives. The converters expand ADI’s isolated power portfolio by providing designers with a compact, easy-to-implement, cost-effective approach to meeting both isolated power and data requirements. The combination of size and output power also addresses the growing space and power constraints engineers must consider when designing control systems, test and measurement equipment, power supplies, motor drives, and other industrial and instrumentation applications.

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“This new line of isoPower DC-to-DC converters delivers an excellent balance between power and size that will allow customers to design more functionality and efficiency into smaller form factors while continuing to minimize system cost,” said David Krakauer, product line manager, iCoupler Digital Isolator Products, Analog Devices. “ADI’s collaborative approach, design support and system-level knowledge help our customers take full advantage of our power isolation technology.”

All of the new DC-to-DC converters provide regulated, isolated power, adjustable between 3.15 V and 5.25 V. The ADuM5010 and ADuM521x are certified for 2.5-kV rms (1-minute) isolation, while the ADuM6010 and ADuM621x are certified for 3.75-kV rms (1-minute) isolation with further certification for reinforced insulation per VDE 0884-10. By incorporating ADI’s iCoupler digital isolator technology, the ADuM521x and ADuM621x reduce component count and simplify and improve design speed, reliability, and efficiency by eliminating the need for optocouplers. Quad-channel versions of these products using ADI’s smaller, lower cost isoPower technology are forthcoming.

Isolated DC-to-DC Converters Reduce System Development Time
Analog Devices pre-certifies its converter modules to help designers reduce system development time, unlike multi-component discrete DC-to-DC converters, which require that designers undertake the costly and time consuming process of individually certifying a dozen or more parts. Additionally, ADI’s isolated DC-to-DC converter modules require no added components aside from two bypass capacitors, easing design complexity and reducing time to market.

ADuM5010/ADuM6010 and ADuM521x/ADuM621x Isolated DC-to-DC Converter Key Features
• Small package: 20-lead SSOP with 5-mm creepage
• Regulated 3.15-V or 5.25-V output
• Up to 150-mW output power
• High speed: 100 Mbps
• High-temperature operation: 105°C
• High common-mode transient immunity: >25-kV/µs

Availability and Pricing
Catalog distributors Digi-Key Corp. and Premier Farnell plc are stocking inventory of both silicon and evaluation boards.
Product Sample Availability 2-Channel iCoupler Digital Isolation Core Price per 1k units Packaging
ADuM5010 Now - $1.54 20-lead SSOP
ADuM6010 Now - $2.24 20-lead SSOP
ADuM5210 Now Yes  $2.32 20-lead SSOP
ADuM5211 Now Yes  $2.32 20-lead SSOP
ADuM5212 Now Yes $3.32 20-lead SSOP
ADuM6210 Now Yes $3.36 20-lead SSOP
ADuM6211 Now Yes $3.36 20-lead SSOP
ADuM6212 Now Yes $3.36 20-lead SSOP
EVAL-ADUM5010EBZ Evaluation Board Now   $59.00 each -
EVAL-ADUM5210EBZ 2 channel Evaluation Board Now   $69.00 each -

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