IR Thermometers utilize pulse laser technology.

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Pyrofiber(R) AEMS non-contact, automatic emissivity correcting, IR thermometers are available with temperature ranges from 500 to 5400 deg F and target sizes between .040 and 2.300 in. dia at focal distances from 4 to 120 in. Microprocessor control measures temperature values faster than 1 msec data acquisition rate, which allows digital signals to be output at 70 emissivity/temperature readings per second. Temperature measurement accuracy is +/-5 deg F.

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New Upgraded IR Thermometer Doubles Reading Capacity of Emissivity Corrected Temperature

Pyrometer Instrument Co Inc., Northvale, NJ - The Pyrofiber® AEMS, non-contact, automatic emissivity Correcting, IR thermometers new upgraded software offers unsurpassed speed and precision for high temperature measurement. The Pyrofiber® AEMS microprocessor control can measure temperature values faster than 1ms data acquisition rate, which now allowing digital signals to be output at an unheard of 70 emissivity and temperature readings per second.

The Pyrofiber® AEMS model IR thermometer provides the user with complete temperature measurement information. Target temperature, "true target temperature"--(automatically corrected for emissivity) and emissivity values can be output via analog or digital signal to a PC or network main frame for analysis. The Pyrofiber's® lab software allows the user the flexibility of collecting raw data and expanding it into a customized program to suit a specific application. Some examples of expanded programs may include data filtering, peak & averaging temperatures, PC analog output for process control, recording temperature to a data file for analysis and importing data from a file to Excel.

The Pyrofiber® AEMS model IR thermometer provide temperature measurement accuracy within ±5°F (±3°C). Utilizing patented pulse laser technology the Pyrofiber® measures infrared radiance while simultaneously measures and corrects for emissivity. (Emissivity is value that must be established to accurately determine infrared true temperature.) Also, the Pyrofiber® AEMS thermometer can also incorporate an additional feature to measure reflective radiance from extraneous sources, such as furnace walls, eliminating additional error, assuring temperature accuracy.

The Pyrofiber® AEMS is available in a laboratory or industrial version, with temperature ranges of 500°F - 5400°F (250°C - 3000°C) and target sizes ranging between .040" - 2.300" (1mm - 58mm) diameter at a focal distance from 4" - 120" (101mm - 3048mm). Custom fiber optic sensor heads and probes are available to suit specific applications.

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