IR Thermometer is designed for use in foundry industry.

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Able to measure temperature of molten metal without dip thermocouples, Cyclops 0550 Meltmaster relays precise reading without coming into contact with liquid metal. Hand-held monitor does not disrupt casting process and requires only one hand to operate. It uses noise-rejection processing to lock onto real temperature and can display 4 measurements simultaneously. Battery-operated unit can store collected data or output it via Bluetooth or to connected data logger.

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Measure Liquid Metal Temperatures Without Dip Thermocouples With the Cyclops 0550 Meltmaster IR Thermometer

Rugged, Hand-held IR Thermometer Designed Specifically for Foundry Industry NEWTOWN, PA, -- The new Cyclops 0550 Meltmaster IR thermometer from AMETEK Land Instruments is a fast, accurate and easy way of measuring the temperature of molten metal without the hazards and on-going costs associated with dip thermocouples. Designed specifically for the foundry industry, the hand-held monitor gives a precise reading without coming into contact with the liquid metal. Because it doesn't disrupt the casting process, it also helps to reduce operating costs and improve casting quality. Using it couldn't be easier. It only requires only one hand to operate. Users just look through the viewfinder at the liquid metal (in the furnace or during pouring), pull the trigger and the Meltmaster uses advanced, noise-rejection processing to lock onto the real temperature. Four measurements can be displayed simultaneously - peak, valley, continuous and Meltmaster - and then stored in the monitor or output to a connected data logger or via Bluetooth. The battery-operated Meltmaster (no trailing cables) is robustly constructed and heat-resistant to withstand the 'rough and tumble' of the foundry. A variety of accessories is available to custom tailor each unit to its specific application. Land Instruments is a unit of AMETEK, Inc. (NYSE: AME) is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices motors with annualized sales of approximately $1.8 billion. For additional information, contact Land Instruments, 150 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. Phone: 412-828-9040. Fax: 412-826-0399. Website: CONTACT: Daniel Menniti (412) 828-9050

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