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IPv6 Test Suite accelerates successful migration.

Press Release Summary:

Mu Test Suite for IPv6 is designed for network equipment manufacturers, government agencies, as well as wired and wireless service providers that need to ensure they can effectively support IPv6. Realistic, stateful recreation of IPv4 and IPv6 flows enables accurate emulation of different components in both native and dual-stack (transitional) environments, while automated regression testing minimizes manual setup of third-party client devices and versions.

Original Press Release:

Mu Dynamics Introduces Mu Test Suite for IPv6 to Significantly Accelerate and Ensure Successful IPv6 Migration

Initial Customers Include Tier-1 Global Service Providers, Government Agencies

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Mu Dynamics, Inc. (, the leader in testing next-generation network services, today announced the availability of a significant addition to its award-winning product portfolio with the introduction of the Mu Test Suite for IPv6. Designed for network equipment manufacturers, government agencies and wired and wireless service providers that need to ensure they can effectively support IPv6 (the next-generation of the Internet Protocol), the Mu Test Suite for IPv6 enables customers to significantly reduce their time to test, and accelerate their IPv6 migration efforts.

Mu accomplishes this by taking a unique adaptive approach to testing NGN services, thus giving these organizations the ability to meet the looming deadlines for IPv6 migration in significantly less time than with traditional tools. Initial customers include Tier-1 global service providers, government agencies, leading network equipment manufacturers and others. Government agencies, in particular, have a set deadline of July 1, 2010, by which time all networking infrastructure procurements must be in compliance with the requirements of the USGv6 Test Program, which mandates conformance, interoperability and network protection testing.

"As an accredited laboratory in delivering IPv6 testing for the USGv6 Test Program, and leveraging our extensive experience in managing the IPv6 Ready Logo program, the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab is using Mu's Test Suite to deliver automated testing for network protection devices," said Erica Johnson, director of the UNH InterOperability Lab. "With an impending deadline of July 1 that requires all government agencies to acquire networking equipment that is USGv6 certified, the Mu Test Suite helps us automate tests that otherwise would have needed to be performed manually, saving us precious time."

Since IPv6 introduces a completely new way of addressing end points in a network, IPv6 migration has ramifications from the network layer all the way up to the application layer. Applications using protocols that embed IP addresses such as HTTP and SIP must be thoroughly tested since they will be affected with IPv6. Networking infrastructure such as security gateways and application-aware systems must also be tested for security and resilience to ensure attacks over IPv6 are prevented. Internally developed test cases and static tests tools are limiting due to extensive time and labor requirements - something that most organizations do not have.

The Mu Solution

The Mu Test Suite for IPv6 makes it easy for organizations to create automated test cases:

-- The Mu solution takes traffic from a unique IPv4 environment, and then auto-generates a comprehensive IPv6 test suite consisting of custom-tailored tests based on these packet captures
-- Mu's realistic, stateful recreation of IPv4 and IPv6 flows enables it to accurately emulate different components in both native and "dual-stack" (transitional) environments
-- Automated regression testing minimizes manual setup of third-party client devices and versions. With its multi-host simulation ability, the Mu Test Suite can act as client, client and server, or even multiple clients and servers testing intermediate devices
-- Mu's adaptive approach and its data-driven testing helps to rapidly generate thousands of test cases for the complex interactions unique to each specific system configuration
-- Mu automatically generates thousands of malformed fuzz tests. This greatly increases test coverage, helping testers and developers find and fix bugs earlier
-- Mu offers pcapr, a crowd-sourced packet capture repository - now the largest in the world with more than 59 million packets and over 400 protocols - which includes various tools and utilities such as an IPv4 to IPv6 packet converter

A Tier-1 global service provider is today using the Mu Test Suite for IPv6 to help migrate its internal network to IPv6. Its transition team will be performing feature and resilience tests on over 200 service elements of the network over the coming months in order to find and fix high-severity issues.

"If Y2K was technology's ticking time bomb, then IPv6 is a slow, deadly gas leak," said Simon Berman, Mu vice president of products. "Service providers, government agencies and businesses everywhere are running out of time and IP addresses. If they do not support IPv6 in time, they risk being faced with critical applications that simply do not work, as well as a host of security loopholes, literally freezing their businesses in its tracks."

Mu Dynamics and the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab are offering a complimentary webinar entitled "Innovative Testing Solutions to Ease Your IPv6 Migration" on May 12, at 10 a.m. (PST). To register, please click here.

For more information on the Mu Test Suite for IPv6 please visit:

About Mu Dynamics:

Mu Dynamics' adaptive approach to testing Next-Generation Network (NGN) services enables customers to dramatically reduce the time to test and deliver higher quality IP services. Mu's unique approach uses service traffic from a customer's environment as the basis for the testing solution, enabling the rapid generation of test cases that accurately and thoroughly test customer's services as a single system - both at the application and infrastructure level. Since its inception, Mu's focus has been to drive the complexity out of NGN services testing for its customers.

Founded in 2005, Mu today has over 100 deployments including within the top five global service providers, the top five networking technology companies, and numerous government agencies. The Mu Test Suite has received many industry awards for product innovation and is quickly becoming the test solution of choice at leading IP services labs worldwide.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, more information on Mu's products, solutions, and customers are online at

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