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IP Extender controls video matrix or video walls.

Press Release Summary:

Jun 10, 2014 - Featuring modular design with KVM function, Model HDM-C6VWIP-SET provides extension of HD video and quality audio over IP. ControlPro software eliminates need for managed switches, and allows users to configure multiple functions of device. With Scene Configurator, users can create any layout they need, from 1 x 2 up to 8 x 8. Schedule Builder enables customers to use pre-saved scenes and schedule different sources and layouts to be activated at different times of day.

Avenview Corp. - Kenmore, NY

Original Press Release

Control Video Walls with a Limitless Video Extender over IP

Press release date: Jun 02, 2014


KENMORE, N.Y., -- Avenview, a manufacturer of video wall and digital signage processors, has a strong history of making excellent Video Extenders over IP, and now has launched their most advanced and fully featured IP Extender to date.

The HDM-C6VWIP-SET is a modular device with KVM function that provides extension of high definition video and high quality audio over IP. The primary advantage of this device is that it comes with ControlPro software which eliminates the need for managed switches, and allows users to easily configure the multiple functions of the device; extend video point to point, point to multi point, or create a video wall or a video matrix scenario.

The HDM-C6VWIP now provides a new and innovative way to control a matrix or video wall. With this modular device, a transmitting encoder can be attached to any source signal - whether it's a media player, PC or Server, BluRay player, or digital signage player. Then, using existing CATX infrastructure, users can connect CATX to an HDM-C6VWIP receiving decoder anywhere on the same gigabit network. This decoder connects directly to a screen or TV, delivering 1080p uncompressed HD Video and Audio.

With this functionality, distribution possibilities are endless. It can be used in any custom solution using combinations of transmitting encoders and receiving decoders along with network switches, allowing sources and outputs to be connected and controlled over long distances, and for a multitude of applications across many market sectors; Medical, Board Rooms, Menu Boards, Digital Signage, Sports Bars, and more.

The included ControlPro software eliminates the need for managed switches, thereby eliminating the need for the IT department to get involved in setting up a Managed Switch. ControlPro software also gives users access to multiple functions; including (but not limited to) the Scene Configurator, Schedule Builder and 3rd Party Integration Control, which are three unprecedented features on an IP Extender.

With the Scene Configurator, users can create any layout they need, from 1x2 up to 8x8. All created scenes can be saved and used as needed in the system. The Schedule Builder then comes in to play. Users can now use these pre-saved scenes and schedule different sources and different layouts to be activated at different times of the day. If a user is already using a Crestron, Control4, or other control system, Avenview also provides 3rd Party Integration with an IP Controller box, which allows seamless communication between the HDM-C6VWIP-Set and other controllers.

About Avenview: In today's modern business and DOOH environment, multimedia displays, digital signage, video conferencing and other digital technologies are used in virtually every industry.  Avenview's mission is to provide high quality AV components and solutions equipment that organizations need to be on the cutting edge.

Through a continued dedication to providing clients with the best technologies and following up with excellent support and customer service, Avenview has made its mark in the Pro Audio/Video and Digital Signage industry. They are proud to have serviced this industry for more than 10 years, and remain committed to their mission. 

Kenmore, NY based Avenview will be featuring this device booth N3047 at this year's InfoComm14 show in Las Vegas.  Stop by to see a demo, or contact to request a demo appointment at the show.

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