IP-Based Switch is designed for TETRA network customers.

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Designed for small to medium sized private radio networks, Dimetra® IP Compact switch is housed in single rack less than 1.5 m high. Optional Multi-Slot Packet Data (MSPD) services provide up to 28.8 Kbps gross data transfer, enabling delivery of integrated voice and data communications. Simple to transport, install, and operate, switch also offers optional security features, such as TETRA Air Interface Encryption and E2EE solutions.

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Motorola Delivers the Power of TETRA to New Growth Markets with the Dimetra IP Compact

Motorola's New IP-Based TETRA Switch Concentrates Proven Performance into a Compact Network Solution

LEIPZIG, Germany, Oct. 17 -- Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) today announced the release of the Dimetra® IP Compact, a highly scalable, feature-rich IP-based switch for TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) private network customers. The new switch concentrates the power of Motorola's proven Dimetra IP architecture into a compact solution.

The new Dimetra IP Compact is a scalable solution offering users the choice of structured deployment, supporting growth as user demand and budgets allow. Customers can start with a basic voice system and add features and capacity as their needs grow.

Optional services include telephony and data services, including Multi- Slot Packet Data (MSPD) offering up to 28.8kbps gross data transfer and enabling the delivery of truly integrated voice and data communications. Security can also be enhanced with the addition of Motorola's TETRA Air Interface Encryption and End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) solutions.

The Dimetra IP Compact switch is housed in a single rack of less than 1.5 meters in height. Simple to transport, install and operate, it is an ideal solution to meet the growing demand for proven TETRA capability from small to medium sized private radio networks. These range from regional municipal and public safety markets to industrial and commercial users requiring integrated radio communication solutions. The flexibility of the Dimetra IP Compact also makes it ideal for rapid deployment in emergency and mission critical scenarios.

"Motorola's Dimetra IP TETRA systems are in use around the world, delivering mission critical communications for nationwide public safety systems and enterprise users alike. Our new Dimetra IP Compact TETRA switch delivers the proven power and reliability of Motorola TETRA solutions to new markets," said Faris Habbaba, responsible for Motorola's global TETRA product portfolio.

Complementing this next generation TETRA switch are the MTS2 and MTS4 TETRA Base Stations, Motorola's new solution for all Dimetra IP based TETRA networks and available in a wide range of frequency bands to suit existing and emerging markets.

Dimetra IP Compact joins Motorola's comprehensive portfolio of TETRA solutions including Motorola's latest MCC7500 IP based dispatch console and Motorola's comprehensive TETRA device portfolio including the world's first TETRA PDA data device, and the popular MTP850 TETRA handheld radio. These new additions complement to MTM800 mobile and the MTH800 handportable -- the leading TETRA terminal in the market.

Motorola's TETRA technology has been deployed around the world, delivering mission and business-critical capability to government and commercial customers. This year has seen more major TETRA wins for Motorola, including the provision of a nationwide TETRA network to the Portuguese government for use by all the country's emergency services, and a TETRA network to serve Shanghai, one of the largest cities in the world. Motorola's worldwide mission-critical pedigree includes both the TETRA and APCO standards.

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Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) comprises a suite of open digital trunked radio standards defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to meet the needs of the most demanding of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) users. TETRA is an Interoperability standard that allows equipment from multiple vendors to interoperate with each other. TETRA is used by PMR users such as Public Safety, Transportation, Utilities, Government, Commercial & Industrial, Oil & Gas and Military. TETRA is also used by Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) Operators. For more information please visit www.motorola.com/tetra .

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