IOTA DLS Chargers and New ALM Battery Technology

IOTA's DLS-30, DLS-45, and DLS-90 battery chargers have been tested and are recommend by NEC Energy Solutions for use with their ALM battery technology.

Using lithium-ion technology, the ALM battery from NEC is a compact, lightweight alternative to traditional lead acid batteries. NEC's ALM battery design provides high rate power delivery, fast charging, and an exceptional 100% deep discharge cycle life.


NEC Energy Solutions tested three IOTA charger designs (DLS-30, DLS-45, and DLS-90) with the ALM 12V7HP battery, as well as an additional test of the DLS-90 with the 12V35 battery pack. Tests were conducted at room temperature, using both charge stages of the DLS (13.6V float voltage and 14.2V bulk voltage).

For testing, the ALM battery was discharged to a UVLO low voltage state of 4.8V. In all tests, the IOTA DLS chargers performed satisfactorily and results verified stable behavior - close loop stability with no ringing, dramatic overshoots, or oscillations. In conclusion, NEC's test report recommends DLS batteries for use with ALM batteries.

If you would like a complete copy of the NEC Energy Solutions test report, contact IOTA's Technical Services team at 1-855-363-9527. To learn more about, NEC and ALM battery technology, visit

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