Ionizing Blow-Off Gun

Fullerton, CA – Control static electricity, and the particles it attracts, with Terra Universal’s hand-held Ionizing Blow-Off Gun. The gun delivers targeted, safe bursts of positive and negative ions, along with clean dry air or nitrogen, to surfaces. Total weight is only one pound.

The PVC gun is connected to a source of dry air or nitrogen that help propel the ions and prevent moisture build-up on surfaces. A front-facing, on-board LED light illuminates objects for accurate aim, and serves as a power-indicator. The scalloped nozzle extends out beyond the ion emitters, protecting them from contact. Emitters are made of durable, corrosion-resistant titanium.

The low-voltage Ion Gun is comfortable to hold, with a large button to discharge the balanced stream of ions. An in-line filter removes particles from the process gas being fed through the gun, protecting sensitive surfaces from contaminants. When the gun is not in use, a hanging bracket lets users store it in a convenient location, up from work benches or tables.

Terra Universal has 40 years of experience manufacturing particle- and static-control equipment for sensitive environments. Visit for more information about their Ionizing Blow-Off Gun.

Contact:  Mike Buckwalter

Terra Universal: Marketing

Phone: 714-578-6000

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