Iomega Announces Native Support from Symantec Backup Exec Software for Iomega's REV Backup Drives

Small Businesses and Others Utilizing Backup Exec Can Now Easily Enjoy the Superiority of REV Technology Over Tape-Based Products for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 30 -- Iomega Corporation (NYSE:IOM), a global leader in data storage and protection, today announced that Symantec's Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers, the leading Windows data protection software, now natively supports the innovative Iomega® REV® drive.

Previous versions of Backup Exec provided limited device support for REV technology and required manual configuration. With version 11d, Backup Exec now provides native support for all REV 35GB and REV 70GB drives and for the REV 1000 autoloader, as well as full disaster recovery support.

"Native software support is a key metric in the acceptance of a new hardware standard," said Tom Kampfer, President and COO, Iomega Corporation. "We have worked hard with the vendors of backup software to make the REV platform a seamless storage option that's compatible with all the leading small business backup software products. We're delighted with Symantec's decision to include native REV support in its latest software release. Now users of Backup Exec have a clear upgrade path from tape storage to the superior hard drive-based speed, usability and reliability of REV technology."

Symantec Backup Exec 11d for Windows

Backup Exec is the industry-leading software for Windows data protection, with an estimated market share of over 60 percent among companies of 20-99 employees. Backup Exec 11d delivers continuous, high-performance, certified disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and recovery and extends the product line's continuous data protection capabilities to Microsoft Exchange, eliminating the need for daily Exchange backups and time consuming mailbox backups.

Backup Exec 11d also features Granular Recovery Technology that enables recovery of critical data from Microsoft applications like Exchange, SharePoint, Active Directory and more in just seconds. Additionally, Backup Exec 11d provides enhanced data security with 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption capabilities, and extends platform support with Backup Exec media servers running on x64-bit Windows servers.

"Iomega's REV drive gives Symantec customers an incredibly capable hardware platform for network backup and data recovery," said Pat Hanavan, vice president of product management, Symantec Corporation. "Because REV technology combines the performance advantages of disk-based storage with the removability of tape, our customers can use REV to leverage the full potential of Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers."

Removable REV Technology

Iomega's REV products feature innovative removable hard drive technology designed to replace tape products and other technologies utilized by SMBs for backup and archiving of important data. Unlike tape backup products that rely on very slow linear-access technology, REV drives are dramatically faster, delivering up to 30MB/sec data transfer rates with random access capability, which is up to 10 times faster than many tape alternatives such as the DAT 72 format.

REV drives and disks (which contain only the hard drive platter and the motor) combine the speed and reliability of a hard drive with the removability of tape. Reliability, ruggedness, security (via disk password protection), instant access to data, archivability, zero maintenance and great accompanying software are all advantages of REV products over competing tape products.

The Iomega REV drive is a proven technology that is quickly becoming a small business storage standard around the world. The first REV product was introduced in April 2004 with the debut of the Iomega REV 35GB Backup Drive and the 35GB REV disk. The second generation REV 70GB Backup Drive and 70GB disk were launched four months ago. To date, Iomega has sold more than 270,000 REV drives and more than 1.3 million REV disks. The REV drive has also won more than 20 technology awards worldwide.

The REV Product Family

The Iomega REV 70GB Backup Drive is available in external USB 2.0 and internal ATAPI and SATA models. The Iomega REV 35GB Backup Drive is available in ATAPI, external USB 2.0, FireWire®, SCSI, and SATA configurations. Industry-first desktop autoloader products include the REV Loader 280, a single-drive autoloader which uses a single REV 35GB drive and up to eight REV 35GB disks for a total of 280GB of native storage capacity; and the REV Loader 560, which uses a single REV 70GB drive and holds up to eight REV disks for up to 560GB of native storage capacity.

Today's announcement covers native compatibility with Backup Exec for stand-alone internal and external REV drives and the REV 1000 Autoloader. In 2007, Iomega expects native compatibility with Backup Exec for Iomega's other REV automation products, the REV Loader 280 and the new REV Loader 560.

Iomega REV products are available from a large base of value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators (SIs) and others that work directly with small businesses on their storage and data protection needs. Thomson(TM) Grass Valley(TM) REV PRO drives and disks, designed specifically by Iomega for the professional audio/visual industry, are available from Grass Valley distributors and resellers.

About Iomega

Iomega Corporation provides easy-to-use, high value storage solutions to help people protect, secure, capture and share their valuable digital information. OfficeScreen, Iomega's managed security services for SMBs, features industry-leading firewall/VPN, SSL VPN and IPSec bundles that create secure wide area networks that connect remote offices and workers to applications and data at a company's headquarters, while countering security threats from hackers, worms and viruses across a company's entire network. Iomega's award-winning storage products include the Iomega® REV® platform: the new Iomega REV 70GB Backup Drive, available in various computer interface models for server implementations; and the Iomega REV 35GB Backup Drive, available in several computer interface models for desktop backup and archive applications; as well as REV-based automation products such as the REV 1000 Autoloader and the new REV Loader 560, which utilizes a REV 70GB Backup Drive and up to eight REV disks. Iomega also offers its Zip® 100MB, 250MB and 750MB drives; high-performance Iomega external hard drives, network hard drives and other HDD solutions; and other portable storage products. For small and medium business networks, Iomega NAS servers offer capacities of 160GB to 2TB. Iomega also offers businesses and consumers a comprehensive data recovery services solution for recovering lost data due to hardware failure, file corruption or media damage. The Company can be reached at 1-888-4-IOMEGA (888-446-6342), or on the Web at Resellers can visit Iomega at

* 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes.

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